USM Members’ Events and Activities!


JUNE 2017

Each month we’ll feature some of the new and exciting Reparations Challenges USM members are hosting all over the U.S. and around the world!  The Reparations Challenge is a way for everyday white people to pay reparations to African people using our own skills and talents. It is time for every white person in the U.S. and throughout the world to “Take the Reparations Challenge” and commit to raising money towards the revolutionary programs of the African People’s Socialist Party, the organization fighting to liberate Africa and African people everywhere. This is not charity; it is material solidarity; reparations!

Here are a just a few of the “RepChalls” for June 2017!  Some are on specific dates and others will be conducted throughout the month of June.  More details/ info to come!  Also see “Events” on our website, which can also be found on the right hand margin of the homepage.

  1. Johann: $200 June – Sell Poetry Book/Outreach Tables
  2. Virginia: $100 June 21st – Cooking Class
  3. Anne: $100 June – Life Coach session
  4. Renee: $100 June – Selling Arab desserts
  5. Jordan: $??? – Yard Sale, Selling art, Dance Party 
  6. Kefira: $300 June – Linocut prints of Revolutionary Leaders
  7. Jackson: $100 June 18th – Birthday Video Friends & Family Ask
  8. Kefira: $??? June 16th – Birthday Video Friends & Family Ask 
  9. Kyle: $100 June – Selling Beats!
  10. Starr: $50 June – Rock Climbing Instruction 
  11. Valerie: $70 June 13 – Yoga Class

Also visit the Reparations Challenge Facebook group to see more of what’s going on!