Yejide Orunmila

Yejide Orunmila

President, African National Women’s Organization

Yejide Orunmila is the President of the African National Women’s Organization (ANWO), an international organization founded by the African People’s Socialist Party in March 2015 to address the specific oppression that African women face as a result of colonial domination.

As President, Yejide is responsible for the international growth of ANWO by creating initiatives that respond to the economic, social conditions that remove African women from revolutionary political life.

Under her leadership, ANWO has built branches and established membership in the United States, Africa and Europe.  

Through Yejide’s travels to Africa, South America, the Caribbean, Europe and within the borders of the United States; she has seen the effects of colonialism on African people and the specific oppression that African women face.

Through African Internationalism she believes that what must be done to solve all of these issues is for African people to overturn their relationship to the current social system and that any struggle made towards liberation must include the full participation of African women, in order to be successful.

ANWO has been organizing against the state sponsored kidnapping of African children and criminalization of African parents through its campaign ArrestCPS; Black women and their relationship to the Prison system as prisoners and as supporters of incarcerated persons, anti-African dress code policies in schools, and horizontal violence.

Yejide is the creator of ANWOs DeColonaise: Hair and Body skincare brand which is the organization’s main economic development project.  DeColonaise’s products remedy everything from dry skin to eczema. The brand uses quotes on its packaging to encourage conversations about wellness and freedom.

Yejide is the mother of an amazing young woman and resides in the Washington D.C. metro area.