Aisha Fields

Dr. Aisha Fields

International Director, All African People’s Education and Empowerment Project

Dr. Aisha Fields is an applied optical physicist and International Director of the All African People’s Development & Empowerment Project (AAPDEP), a non-profit development organization founded by the Uhuru Movement in 2007. 

As the AAPDEP Director, Aisha is responsible for coordinating African community-led health care, agricultural and educational programs on the continent of African and in African communities world-wide.

Under her leadership, AAPDEP has built clean water systems, vocational and nursery schools, community farms, maternity centers and a variety of youth and adult educational programs.

In Sierra Leone, West Africa, AAPDEP medical personnel have trained hundreds of community health workers on the prevention, identification and treatment of waterborne diseases and on the prevention of Ebola Virus Disease.  AAPDEP has also worked with networks of midwives, nurses and traditional birth attendants to help to deliver more than 3,000 babies without death of mother or child.

Aisha helped to lead the charge to build Zenzele Consignment, AAPDEP’s nonprofit  clothing consignment store and a fundraiser for its programs. Located in Huntsville, Alabama, Zenzele Consignment offers African, African inspired and revolutionary clothing, accessories, home goods,  natural personal care products and more. A cultural and political hub for the African community, Zenzele offers a variety of community programs, skill building workshops and social events.

Despite the grave conditions of existence faced by African people around the world, Dr. Fields believes that sustainable development for Africa and African communities is possible, but only through self-reliance and self-determination.  

She is the proud mother of three beautiful children.