500 CEOs Who Owe Reparations to African People – 2020 Speaking Tour

Demanding reparations from billionaires and corporate elites who profit off the enslavement and oppression of African people goes to the heart of the struggle for socialism as capitalism was built on the foundation of enslavement, genocide, plunder and colonialism. Sign up to host a tour event to build a political action campaign to target 500 CEOs whose fortunes are drenched in the blood of Africa and African people.

Reparations is a revolutionary demand, not a favor, not charity, not a pay-out, not an empty promise from a Democratic presidential wannabe, but a revolutionary demand achieved by the victory of African people’s struggle to to reclaim power over their lives, labor and resources. 

It is the basis for a revolutionary stance for white people and it is at the heart of authentic socialism. We need to take on what is really socialism. There’s no socialism without reparations. 

This speaking tour will wage a struggle with the ruling elite and raise up the conditions and resistance of African people, which are normally obscured in the opportunist white world, sidelined to an item of interest only when a massive rebellion forces it to the surface. The African struggle, and reparations, are the core of an anti-imperialist struggle; not a side-line item. 



Contact info@reparationstours.org to get started! We will work with you to plan a tour event in your city.