The Reparations Tour

The Reparations Tour: White Solidarity with the Black Power Blueprint
National Speaking Tour 2018

The Black Power Blueprint, a campaign of the Uhuru Movement, is building economic development programs for self-determination by and for the black community in St. Louis.  Black Power Blueprint, led by Deputy Chair Ona Zené Yeshitela of Black Star Industries, is the main campaign of the Uhuru Movement at this time due to the urgency of opposing gentrification, more aptly called ethnic cleansing, and in building black economic development.

The Black Power Blueprint is based in the St Louis-Ferguson area where the oppression of the black community is even worse now than it was when killer cop Darren Wilson murdered black teenager Mike Brown.

The economic institutions of the Black Power Blueprint include an Uhuru House community center, an Uhuru Cafe and Bakery and a community garden.

$300,000 is needed to make the Black Power Blueprint a reality in the St Louis-Ferguson area, building economic development for the black community already being replicated in St Pete. In just two months, supporters of every nationality raised $22,000 towards the project.

These events are part of a national tour of 12 cities where speakers involved with the Black Power Blueprint will share the incredible institutions being built, and show how white people can play a critical role in supporting the self-determination of black working-class people to feed, clothe and house themselves.

Featured speakers have included:
Chairman Omali Yeshitela~ African People’s Socialist Party (APSP), founder and leader of the Uhuru Movement

Kundè  Mwamvita~ African People’s Education and Defense Fund(APEDF) and APSP member

Ticharwa Masimba~ APSP member and Project Director of the Black Power Blueprint in St. Louis

Tiffany Murphy~ APSP member and works with Black Star Industries (BSI) in St. Louis

Bakari Olutunji~ Market Manager, Uhuru Foods and Pies

Penny Hess~ Chairwoman, African People’s Solidarity Committee

Jesse Nevel~ National Chair of the Uhuru Solidarity Movement and member of the African People’s Solidarity Committee (APSC)

Cities where this dynamic tour has already visited include St. Louis MO, Seattle WA, Santa Cruz CA, San Francisco CA, Philadelphia PA, New York City, Boston MA, and Oakland CA.  Check the drop~down menu to view the dynamic presentations given, under “Reparations Tour Videos.”

The Reparations Tour will come to Gainesville Florida on May 9th, and St. Petersburg FL on May 15th.

Viewing Parties for the Reparations Tour will be held in Portland, Oregon on May 6th, and in Asheville NC on May 23rd. See the drop-down menu tab “Reparations Tour Viewing Parties” for more information.