CURED conference: This Time ’til It’s Won: Make the Southside Black Again

Communities United for Reparations and Economic Development (CURED) hosted a city-wide conference to build a social movement which will transform public policy, unite the people of St. Pete around reparations and economic development to the black community and put a screeching halt to gentrification by building affordable housing, reclaiming Tropicana baseball dome, and bringing power to the people!

This historic, mobilizing, and informative conference included presentations from Akilé Anai and Jesse Nevel – former city council and mayoral candidates respectively, Chairman Omali Yeshitela, founder of the Uhuru Movement, renowned local black history expert, Minson Rubin, and Fred Winters, a prominent force in the 1960s Sanitation Workers Strike in St. Pete.

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USM Webinar: White Feminism vs. African Internationalism

Join us for this powerful and mobilizing Webinar where we will discuss White Feminism vs. African Internationalism with featured speakers Akilé Anai of the African People’s Socialist Party, and KC Mackey of the Uhuru Solidarity Movement.

We will discuss white solidarity with Black Power, the political theory of the African working class: African Internationalism, and how white feminism has historically placed the demands of white women above the needs of Africans and other colonized people.

Join us to learn more about African Internationalism, how this revolutionary theory transcends feminism, and why white people should join in material solidarity with African liberation and Black power. This event will belivestreamed from on Friday, March 30th from 7 to 9 pm EST.

This Webinar is co-hosted by and will raise resources for the Black Power Blueprint, a black-led self determination project in St. Louis, MO, organized by Black Star Industries and the African People’s Socialist Party (APSP), to build economic development in the Black community, and Black self-determination.


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The Uhuru Solidarity Movement’s national convention will be April 14~15 in St. Louis. Register today @

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Planet Earth’s Last Hope: African Self-Determination

Planet Earth’s Last Hope: African self-determination~
How the Black Power Blueprint will solve the environmental crisis

LIVE from St. Petersburg, FL; Huntsville, AL and Detroit, MI

Friday, Feb 23rd

8pm EST/ 7pm CST/ 5pm PST

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Featured Speakers will be:

Dr. Aisha Fields
All African People’s Development and Empowerment Project

William Shaphet
Mbwa Mwitu
Black Ankh Project

Penny Hess
African People’s Solidarity Committee

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USM St. Pete Presents: “Murder of Fred Hampton” Film Night Benefit for the Black Power Blueprint

The Murder of Fred Hampton
Documentary film screening and discussion
Hosted by the St Pete chapter of the Uhuru Solidarity Movement

Keynote speaker: Iniko Kitemona, African People’s Socialist Party

Monday, Feb 26th

Akwaaba Hall
1245 18th Ave South,
St Petersburg, FL 33705


Fred Hampton was the Chair of the Illinois Chapter of the Black Panther Party who was brutally assassinated by the FBI and Chicago police as part of their vicious COINTELPRO program, created to destroy the rising Black Revolution of the 60s. White people who supported the Panthers were nowhere to be found as Panther leaders were murdered and imprisoned. Today, COINTELPRO is back with the latest FBI designation of “black identity extremists, and this time, white people will not be complicit. We will defend the Black Revolution and organize in solidarity with African people’s right to resist and be liberated.

This is a fundraiser for The Reparations Tour; White Solidarity with the Black Power Blueprint

Wed, May 23rd, 6:30pm-8:30pm

Keynote Speaker: Kunde Mwamvita, Black Star Industies
Featured Speaker: Jesse Nevel, Uhuru Solidarity Movement

The Black Power Blueprint is a revolutionary project led by Ona Zene Yeshitela, the Deputy Chair of the African People’s Socialist Party and the manager of the African People’s Education and Defense Fund. This project is also led by the African working class community in St. Louis, MO, building economic development institutions in the heart of the impoverished African community. This includes a new Uhuru House Community Center, a Jiko Commercial Kitchen, an outdoor event space for the One Africa, One Nation Marketplace and a Community Garden.

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Meet the Radical Reparations Candidates!

Published on Aug 2, 2017

Meet the Candidates:

Eritha Akile Cainion is running for District 6 City Council of St. Petersburg, Florida.

Jesse Nevel is running for Mayor of St. Petersburg Florida.

They are running a dual campaign on a platform of #Reparations to the Black community and Black community control of police.  Their campaigns focus on unifying the city by bringing justice to the Black community, the poor, the homeless, and the working class.

Support this earth-shaking dual campaign for #UnityThroughReparations and #BlackCommunityControlOfPolice! 

Falafel Fundraiser at Zaytoon Grill: Meet Candidates Akilé and Jesse

Enjoy delicious Mediterranean food while supporting Eritha “Akilé” Cainion for District 6 City Council and Jesse Nevel for Mayor.

Akilé and Jesse are running on a progressive platform of “Radical Times, Radical Solutions” and “Unity Through Reparations” with reparations and economic development for the black community which will unite and uplift all communities in St Petersburg, FL.

The fundraiser is Monday, August 7th from 4pm to 5:30pm at 1618 Central Ave, St Petersburg, FL 33712