The Crisis Report: Is the Catholic Church a Criminal Enterprise?

African People’s Solidarity Committee (APSC) Chairwoman Penny Hess, author of Overturning the Culture of Violence, goes live to present Episode 2 of “The Crisis Report.” Is the Catholic Church a Criminal Enterprise?

Chairwoman Penny Hess presents an analysis of the ongoing sex abuse scandal in the Catholic Church, and it’s historical ties to colonial and imperial oppression, slavery and genocide.  African Internationalism is the political theory of the revolutionary African working class developed by Chairman Omali Yeshitela, founder and leader of the African People’s Socialist Party and the Uhuru Movement.

Victory to all colonized, oppressed peoples and Unity Through Reparations!

White people can organize under the leadership of the African People’s Socialist Party and build a culture of reparations in the white community by joining the mass organization of the African People’s Solidarity Committee- the Uhuru Solidarity Movement. 

You can also view this report on our YouTube channel, which has links in the description for further reading or study.

USM Webinar: White Feminism vs. African Internationalism

Join us for this powerful and mobilizing Webinar where we will discuss White Feminism vs. African Internationalism with featured speakers Akilé Anai of the African People’s Socialist Party, and KC Mackey of the Uhuru Solidarity Movement.

We will discuss white solidarity with Black Power, the political theory of the African working class: African Internationalism, and how white feminism has historically placed the demands of white women above the needs of Africans and other colonized people.

Join us to learn more about African Internationalism, how this revolutionary theory transcends feminism, and why white people should join in material solidarity with African liberation and Black power. This event will belivestreamed from on Friday, March 30th from 7 to 9 pm EST.

This Webinar is co-hosted by and will raise resources for the Black Power Blueprint, a black-led self determination project in St. Louis, MO, organized by Black Star Industries and the African People’s Socialist Party (APSP), to build economic development in the Black community, and Black self-determination.


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The Uhuru Solidarity Movement’s national convention will be April 14~15 in St. Louis. Register today @

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USM Live Web Event: White Solidarity With Black Power From the 1960s to 2018

Join the Uhuru Solidarity Movement as we salute #AfricanHero Ella Baker’s organizational legacy and outline the only principled stance for white people in solidarity with black power.

Livestreamed from St. Louis and NYC for a historic presentation on revolutionary organization and white material solidarity with Black Power!

Featured speakers will be

Kalambayi Andenet
International Democratic People’s Uhuru Movement (InPDUM)

Jesse Nevel
Uhuru Solidarity Movement (USM)

KC Mackey
Midwest Regional Coordinator
African People’s Solidarity Committee

Connor Voss
Recruitment and Membership Chair

You have to pick a side: White Solidarity with Black Power

A Call to the Uhuru Solidarity Movement National Convention 2018

Will history remember you as one of the white people who took the side of the police when Mike Brown’s body was left to bleed in the sun for four and a half hours?  Or will your legacy be one of solidarity with oppressed peoples, of reparations to African people, of unity with the righteous struggle of African human beings to reclaim power over the future of their children?

This is the question posed by the national convention of the Uhuru Solidarity Movement, April 14-15 2018 in St. Louis, Missouri.  White people around the U.S. are traveling to St. Louis for the national conference to build “White Solidarity with Black Power.”

USM is an organization of white activists working under the leadership of the African People’s Socialist Party, organizing in the white community to win reparations to African people in the form of material solidarity with black-led economic development programs.  The African People’s Socialist Party formed the solidarity movement under its leadership based on the fact that all white people owe reparations for 600 years of benefiting from the assault on Africa, enslavement of African people and the genocide against the Indigenous people and theft of their land.

Now, in the heart of the impoverished black community of St. Louis the Uhuru Movement is launching the Black Power Blueprint, a visionary project to reclaim the African community for African people, starting with the construction of a new Uhuru House black community center, the opening of a Community Commercial Kitchen, a One Africa One Nation Marketplace, black community gardens and more.  USM’s convention will mobilize white people to raise the urgently needed resources to these programs as an expression of white reparations to African people.

As Chairman Omali Yeshitela has stated, “For there to be an oppressed, there must be an oppressor.”  For the past 600 years, we, white people, have been the oppressor nation.  We lynched, burned, and mutilated African people for hundreds of years to secure our place on the pedestal.  When Mike Brown bled in the sun on the pavement of Canfield Drive for 4.5 hours and his killer, Darren Wilson, faced a Grand Jury, the killer turned to the general white population for help, and in return he received over a million dollars in donations from white people towards his legal defense before GoFundMe shut down his page.

What the African Liberation Movement is saying is that unless you are one of the white people who would throw money behind the killer of African children, you have to do something. You have to distinguish yourself.

You have to pick a side.

You have to speak up. You have to take a stand. You have to be loud and clear and say “I am a white person who stands in solidarity with Black Liberation.”

“I am a white person who recognizes that my only future is in solidarity with African people. I am a white person who recognizes that I owe reparations to African people. “

“I will commit myself to right the historic wrong so that I can join the rest of humanity in the struggle to build a liberated world without oppression, slavery and war.

“It is in my deepest interests to join in solidarity with African people and to pay reparations to the African community.”

If that’s what you feel, then you have to be at the Uhuru Solidarity Movement’s National Convention in St. Louis.

Chairman Omali Yeshitela, the founder of the Uhuru Movement, along with Penny Hess, the Chair of the African People’s Solidarity Committee who has organized white solidarity with Black Power for over 40 years, will be the main speakers.  Participate in exciting workshops and presentations on how to build the Uhuru Solidarity Movement in your area, how to oppose the FBI’s escalating attacks on black organizations designated as “black identity extremists” and building the “Reparations Challenge,” a culture of reparations to African people.

This event will take place in the brand new Uhuru House, a project of the Black Power Blueprint.

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White People Say “NO” to FBI Targeting Black Movements!

The African People’s Solidarity Committee is hosting a web conference co-sponsored by the Uhuru Solidarity Movement called “White People Say ‘No’ to FBI Targeting Black Movement! Stop FBI’s ‘Black Identity Extremist’ Designation!”

Featuring speakers APSC Chair Penny Hess and USM Chair Jesse Nevel, we will address the FBI’s recently released document profiling organizations and individuals building black independence and self-determination as “black identity extremists.”

We reject the FBI’s attacks on the right of African people to self-determination and political and economic power over their own lives!

We stand in solidarity with the African liberation movement and the African People’s Socialist Party!

Reparations Now!

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Gentrification is Genocide: Why We Need Black Power Blueprint

Gentrification is Genocide: Why We Need the Black Power Blueprint

Secretary General Gazi Kodzo of the African People’s Socialist Party and Chairwoman Penny Hess of the African People’s Solidarity Committee lay out facts, statistics and solutions to the genocidal gentrification of the African community.

The Black Power Blueprint is a black-led self-determination project in St. Louis, MO organized by Black Star Industries and the African People’s Education and Defense Fund.

YOU can make a concrete difference TODAY by donating towards the $25,000 needed to renovate the three-story St. Louis Uhuru House, a black community center, event space, rental hall and economic development hub.

On the property across right across the street, we are building the One Africa! One Nation! Marketplace and a community garden.

On Goodfellow Boulevard, in a once thriving neighborhood, we are building the Uhuru Jiko Community Commercial Kitchen, a bakery and café, and the training center for the African Independence Workforce Program.

Your contributions will result in the installment of plumbing, heating, HVAC, finishing the electrical, the interior and other construction needs to open this vibrant community center in the heart of the black community of St. Louis.

The conditions faced by black people in America today demand that we seize the future for our children. The African community in St. Louis, like others around the country, faces poverty, joblessness, poor schools and substandard housing.
We see wealth, opportunity and prosperity on one side of town, contrasted by deep poverty and despair on the other.

The Black Power Blueprint will impact on our city through genuine social and economic rebirth for our community. Empowering our community with sustainable job creation and commerce, attracting and supporting black culture and arts.

Black Star Industries, partnering with the African People’s Education and Defense Fund has created black-community owned and operated institutions for economic development and self-determination for over 35 years.

From Oakland, to Philadelphia, to St. Petersburg, FL, to Huntsville, AL, we have sustained community-funded commercial kitchens, a wellness center, furniture and consignment shops, event spaces and other community based initiatives and programs.

Now we need your support to realize this visionary project in St. Louis, MO.

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