The Reparations Pledge

The Reparations Pledge is a commitment by white individuals, families and businesses who have access to wealth to pay reparations to the African community through redistributing resources directly to the movement for black economic development, liberation and self-determination. 

I pledge to take responsibility for repairing the multi-generational damage of colonialism, slavery, and genocide against African, Indigenous and colonized peoples, the ongoing systemic violence and exploitation that forms the foundation of white prosperity. 

I pledge to redistribute resources to the Uhuru Movement as a proactive and conscious stand of reparations, not as “charity” but as the return of stolen wealth back into the hands of African people.

How to Become a Reparations Legacy Donor: You can start your journey as a Reparations Legacy Donor at a minimum $5,000 annually, which can be submitted in a variety of ways and on an annual, monthly, or quarterly basis. One hundred percent of the reparations goes towards the programs of the African People’s Socialist Party including the Black Power Blueprint.

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