Under the Leadership of the African Working Class

Reparations Legacy is a project of the Uhuru Solidarity movement, a white organization formed and led by the African People’s Socialist Party.  We believe that all white people who want to repair the damage of colonial slavery, systemic injustice and oppression must follow the leadership of the African working class who are building their own future, reclaiming their resources and  defining reparations on their own terms.

Chairman Omali Yeshitela

Omali Yeshitela is the visionary leader of the Uhuru Movement, who has been fighting for freedom, reparations and liberation for African people everywhere for over 50 years. He has built and leads an organization with numerous self-reliance institutions throughout the U.S. As an author, speaker and brilliant political strategist Yeshitela travels the world to build for African liberation, recently winning the Oxford Union debate.

Ona Zené Yeshitela

Ona Zené Yeshitela is the President of the African People’s Education and Defense Fund and the leader of Black Star Industries. She heads up over 50 economic institutions of the Uhuru Movement, with the understanding that “the political and economic are one,” that without a self-sustaining economic foundation there will be no justice for African people.

Reparations Legacy Project Steering Committee

Jesse Nevel: Chair
Amanda Carlozzi: Vice Chair
Laura Brown: Project Director
Kyle Wyss: Promotions
Len Demmer: Donor Outreach and Development
Halley Murray: North Regional Coordinator
Mads Ambrose: West Regional Coordinator
Allie Aiello: South Regional Coordinator
KC Mackey: Midwest Regional Coordinator
Johann Bedingfield: Endorsements Coordinator
Sarah Ritterspach: Outreach Team
Eva Conrad: Outreach Team
Valerie Henderson: Outreach Team