Reparations means solidarity with genuine anti-colonial economic development in the hands of the African working class. Reparations Legacy Project organizes wealthy white people to fund the work of the Uhuru Movement, building the foundation of a liberated, independent African economy. Below are examples of the economic development institutions of the Black Power Blueprint that Reparations Legacy is fundraising to support as a stand of reparations. You can contribute by taking the Reparations Pledge.


Basketball Court

Black Power Blueprint Basketball Court

The Black Power Blueprint is building an outdoor basketball court on newly purchased and cleared land where they demolished another abandoned city-owned building just blocks from the Uhuru House.

Only one in four St. Louis parks have a basketball court. In fact, the city of St. Louis removed courts in four parks in predominantly white communities, reinforcing the city’s racial divide.

Building the court will allow for spirited youth programs, adult pickup games, and leagues, tournaments, and more. This is another APEDF project that improves the well-being of the black community and helps close the gap in overall health and life expectancy, including diabetes, obesity and hypertension rates that disproportionately affect African people.

Cost: $89,000


Uhuru Jiko Kitchen and Café

Uhuru Jiko Kitchen and Café

Located in an art deco building that had once been a boat dealership, the Uhuru Jiko is an ambitious project to bring African economic and cultural life to the economically depressed commercial area, stop gentrification and to build a critical program for the African community. Black Power Blueprint will build a bakery, café, and community commercial kitchen to serve as the headquarters for Uhuru Foods & Pies, one of the many economic institutions of Black Star Industries and the African People’s Education and Defense Fund around the U.S.

The large plot of land behind the building will be transformed into another outdoor venue for events and culture, with seating and an herb garden to supply the café and to sell.

Black Power Blueprint is working on development and funding to make Uhuru Jiko the home of the African Independence Workforce Program, providing food business skills, work experience, housing and services for previously incarcerated men and women from our community.

Cost: $682,000


African Independence Workforce Program

The Black Power Blueprint is renovating a 4-plex apartment building, earmarked for housing for the African Independence Workforce Program. The African Independence Workforce Program is creating jobs for those re-entering the community from the prison system. 

Cost: $88,800


Uhuru House

Black Power Blueprint transformed the once-condemned building into a state-of-the-art three-story community event and program space in ten short months!

With an outpouring of support from donors and volunteers, the community can now come together at the Uhuru House and Akwaaba Hall to solve problems, organize programs, showcase talent and have family celebrations—building culture, prosperity and political power.

Raised: $150,000


Outdoor Market and Garden

Black Power Blueprint purchased and demolished two city-owned condemned buildings, then secured architectural and landscape plans to create a beautiful multi-purpose outdoor event space with native plants and trees. A mural depicting the historic kindness and generosity of the African community collectively taking care of ourselves will be commissioned.

The One Africa! One Nation! Marketplace will foster community commerce and economic opportunities. The Gary Brooks Community Garden is collaborating with other black growers to provide fresh vegetables and to hold gardening and cooking classes.

Raised: $94,875


Future Projects

APEDF has acquired two more properties through the St. Louis Land Reutilization Authority (LRA). The buildings are condemned and will need to be demolished. Black Power Blueprint is planning for how the sites will be used to expand the programs for African community self-reliance and self-determination. A possible retail, office, and residential complex using shipping containers is under consideration.

Cost: $16,000