Repair the damage. Return the stolen wealth. Fund Black Liberation.

Reparations Legacy Project organizes white people with access to financial wealth to take a stand in repairing the economic and social damage of enslavement and ongoing exploitation of African people through the redistribution of resources toward the Black self-determination programs of the Uhuru Movement.

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“Slavery is both our legacies. You inherited the wealth of slavery, I inherited the poverty of slavery.”

– Chairman Omali Yeshitela

What will our legacy be?

Jackson Hollingsworth

“I believe I owe reparations because my family has benefited from a system built on the oppression of black people.”

Mads Ambrose

“I inherited wealth from my ancestors who profited from colonialism and genocide. I returned resources to the Black Power Blueprint as a stand of reparations.”

The Case for Reparations

Beyond chattel slavery, convict leasing, theft of African land and property, mass incarceration, and other forms of exploitation and oppression generated trillions of dollars of wealth for white people. The entire U.S. economy was built through stolen African resources, land, labor and lives. We owe reparations.

for unpaid labor alone.

Black Working Class Leadership

We believe firmly in the principle that white people’s reparations to African people is defined by the leadership of the African working class. The Reparations Legacy Project is under the leadership of the African People’s Socialist Party.

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Fund Black Liberation Organizations

RLP raises funds for black economic development and self-determination institutions of the Uhuru Movement. This includes the Black Power Blueprint in St. Louis, a community-building initiative transforming North St. Louis through economic development, renovation and political power by and for the black working class.