Take the Reparations Challenge! 

The Reparations Challenge is a campaign of the Uhuru Solidarity Movement to create a culture of reparations under the leadership of the African People’s Socialist Party. The Reparations Challenge calls on white people to hold personal fundraisers to raise reparations for the Black Power Blueprint- a black self-determination and economic development program of the African People’s Socialist Party.  

Participating in the Reparations Challenge allows for individual white people to take personal responsibility for our historic role as oppressors, and acknowledge our complicity in building and maintaining a system founded on slavery and genocide.  This is a system that relies on the continued exploitation of African and oppressed people.  

If you are a white person who no longer wants to be complicit in the oppression of African peoples, reparations is the way forward!  Reparations is a positive vision for white people to join humanity by returning all the stolen resources that have benefited us for hundreds of years at the expense of African people.

Turn your skills into an act of reparations to African people!

Whether you make your own jewelry, run marathons, want to bike across the country, or want to host a dinner with your friends and family, your skills can be used to raise reparations to African people.

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The Black Power Blueprint

Your Reparations Challenge benefits the Black Power Blueprint, a project of the African People’s Education and Defense Fund. Click here for more information about this incredible, visionary economic program forwarding the struggle of African people for political and economic power over their own resources.