Are you a USM member trying to organize in your area? Thinking about joining USM and taking a stand in solidarity with Black Power and African liberation? If you would like to be prepared to go into the white community and raise white reparations to African people, we want to assist you in every way!  Click on the drop down menu to see:

*outreach table materials

*distribute the Burning Spear Newspaper

*more photos of USM tabling/ outreach (“Photo Gallery”)

Here are some of our dedicated USM members, doing outreach in their communities to raise reparations for African liberation and self-determination!

Boston USM comrades doing outreach! 

USM member Johann in St. Pete, FL:johann outreach st pete

USM member Janet in Seattle, WA! janet in seattle usm outreach

Click on the drop down menu under “Outreach Toolkit” to learn more about organizing in your area and how to acquire the necessary materials for successful outreach! Uhuru!