No Pride in Genocide – Speaking Tour 2020

A new movement of white LGBTQIA people is emerging. It’s rallying cry is “White LBGTQIA solidarity with Black Power!” 

During the month of June, host an event in your city to declare “No pride in genocide!” This is the rallying cry of a progressive, anti-colonial movement of white LGBTQ people who stand in unconditional solidarity with the struggle of African (black) people inside the U.S. and around the world, the struggles of Indigenous people, Arab people and all colonized peoples fighting to regain control of their lives and resources.

We are the white LGBTQ people who have joined the Uhuru Solidarity Movement to work under the leadership of the revolutionary African People’s Socialist Party, a black working class-led movement that spans the globe wherever African people have been forcibly dispersed by the system of slavery and colonialism.

We understand homophobia, transphobia, queerphobia, and sexism to be rooted in white power and spread throughout the world by colonialism. Therefore, it is in our interest to divest from the white oppressor nation and invest in the black working class to gain power to overturn colonialism.

We are united with African & Indigenous liberation to end parasitic capitalism and US Imperialism!



Contact to get started! We will work with you to plan a tour event in your city.