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  • Hopefully my social security comes through soon enough. Then I will be able to become a member. But until then, I can only support through spirit. What a wonderful organization this is, and I hope to a part of it real soon. Peace and Unity!

  • I’m praying I’ll be able to donate on a monthly basis however small , in the near future . I was hurt 22 years ago and undergo many surgeries ( on going ) . My heart hurts , my soul cries . I just watched the video of the meeting of the white press . For one man to cover , so eloquently , passionately, and truthfully, that only one reporter asked a question . What was left to be asked ? Shivers ran down man spine , my tears flowed freely as he spoke .

    • Uhuru, Judith! Thank you! Are you on Facebook? If so, look us up there under “Uhuru Solidarity Movement,” and follow our page. We also meet on Tuesday evenings by phone conference for Political Education Studies, see under “Events” on homepage menu for more info!

    • Uhuru, Nathan! Yes, if you are a sustainer (and thank you so much!) and member of the Uhuru Solidarity Movement, there are also many other ways to be involved! We have “New Member Orientations” every Sunday at 2:30pm Eastern time, and those events are listed on our website under “Events.” Also, you can visit Uhuru Solidarity Movement on Facebook to keep up to date re: upcoming events. We’d love to have any of our newer members join a committee if you are interested as well! Depending on where you live, there may be a local branch or organizing taking place near you. Under “About” on the home page, you can check out our branches. Coming soon we’ll have our “Outreach Toolkit” completed and members will be able to access information and materials for successful organizing in your area, and learn how to go into the white community to raise reparations for African liberation. Uhuru!

  • I would love to join and I will but I’m looking for a job and no current funds to apply with right now. I’m in Orlando Florida and came upon your website. I am very interested in helping the movement and learning more about it!

    • Uhuru, Deborah! If you would like to learn more about the Uhuru Solidarity Movement, I want to let you know about the Political Education Studies led by Penny Hess. She is the Chair of the African People’s Solidarity Committee, and author of Overturning a Culture of Violence. These studies take place on Tuesday evenings at 7:30 pm Eastern time. You can check out these events here, under “Events,” or on Facebook! There are also studies led by Chairman Omali Yeshitela, which are livestreamed on You Tube. If you’re interested in helping the movement, that’s awesome! You can contact Uhuru comrades @ 727-888-3797 and, not exactly *in* Orlando, but they can assist you! If funds are tight but you’d like to donate to pay reparations, we do offer General or Student Membership @ $25.00 / year, see

  • I am a Che level member as well as sustaining other programs of the Uhuru Movement monthly and contributing money for local outreach flyers, etc. Uhuru gives us a principled way to join humanity! JUMP OFF THE PEDESTAL – join us in paying reparations.

  • White people have been raised to have apathy, live to their potential as individuals or even complete losers all the while being the beneficiaries of this privileged caste system. Here are some examples: We don’t get pulled over at the rate of Black people. We don’t get followed in stores. We live longer, get loans, mortgages and jobs easier. When we make mistakes they are dealt differently by the state. Globally, US imperialism continues its dominance using military weapons to seize control of valuable resources all over the world. People become refugees because of the regime change policies and nothing ever seems to change. The global “war on drugs” and “war on terrorism” has more to do with US imperialism than with black and brown people’s character. I am half white and half Mexicano and I relate to both. I finally have a way to express my desire of helping end imperialism and colonialism here and around the world by paying reparations and becoming a Malcolm X sustainer. I hope more people learn about the Uhuru Solidarity Movement as a way that white people can support Black resistance and Black Power in the face of systemic oppression and genocide. We have to commit to the liberation of all people by any means necessary.

  • I’m about to sign up and pay reperations and if I become unemployed how do I suspend my membership until I become employed again?

    • Uhuru, Kristen! You could contact to let us know if there would be difficulties or interruptions in your sustainership. Also, there are membership levels for those on fixed incomes or who may be students or otherwise not able to pay a monthly sustainership; we have a general yearly membership level of $25.00. We also have a student/fixed income/ unemployed membership level of $10.00.

  • I’m currently in school and I’m going to be starting an on campus job soon will there be any event’s in or around Macon Georgia

    • Uhuru, Amber! There will be upcoming events in Huntsville, Alabama and Gainesville, Florida. But people anywhere can organize for the Reparations Challenge, Days in Solidarity with African People, Justice for the Three Drowned Black Girls campaign, or join weekly studies! I will have someone contact you with more info!

  • The one thing I can say is that history books are so white washed . The truth needs to come out about what happened to the people who were enslaved . The years to when you had slavery by another name the Jim crow years . Enough is enough if the white racist can’t get over their rebel flagged they shouldn’t be telling afrocentric people to get over slavery .

    • Uhuru , Rebecca! New members are welcome! We’ll be resuming our political education studies with African People’s Solidarity Committee Chair Penny Hess in mid-November! Another great way for white people in solidarity with African liberation to learn more and support the Uhuru Movement!

    • I think it’s worse than white washed. It is a cultural genocide of whiteness, so that whiteness is the “default.” It is the background upon which everything else is considered “non-standard.”

      Whiteness is only white because it is “uninteresting” or blank as a canvas.

      I think the washing of whiteness requires whiteness studies: to reinforce the obvious lie that white people are not at all white: it is not even a descriptive term. The vague boundaries of whiteness permit its usage as a tool of oppression: selected marginalized groups may be included, even if by temporary measures (such as Irish or Franco-Canadians).

      Still, as in the case of Canada, there are the “not-quite-white” groups: in Canada, there are two hospitals in Montreal: a city of over 3 million.

      In any case, I cannot see a whiteness studies conducted without one that severely risks turning to another eugenics project of false “superiority.”

      In a huge sense, however, books are whitewashed. More problematically, despite recent changes, older american generations (against reparations) are still living based on their public educational myths of the pre-civil rights era.

      As a “white” person (really, European-American; my skin is red/yellow/blue), I see lies everywhere. Reparations are required, but not only in America.

      Haiti was the first independent African slave nation in the world. It was hobbled from the beginning, with embargoes from every powerful European nation in the world. States and colonial powers that aided and abedded subjugation created a stillborn nation that blames present economic and political woes on distal outcomes. A child neglected at birth, suffering life-long disability, would not be blamed if its present problems resulted from early child abuse.

      Anyway, thank you! My rant, but thank you for the time and occasion to reflect.

    • Uhuru, B.J.! We are working on updating the payment option(s) very soon! You can also mail a check or money order to:

      Uhuru Solidarity Movement
      PO Box 3630
      St. Petersburg, FL 33731

      At our National Convention coming up this April 1st & 2nd in St. Petersburg, Florida, people will have the option to join in person and we can take credit card/ debit card payments there, using Square card readers.

  • Kia ora koutou katoa, (hello to you all) I am so happy to have found you through FB, specifically through your amazing comrade Gazi. I am a mixed race Maori women from New Zealand living in Europe. My people as many throughout the world have been colonised, dispossessed of their land and still today we feel those ongoing effects. I have signed up on an annual membership. I would love to sign up for more frequent payments but my situation at the moment doesn’t allow this. I am here, supporting this revolution in spirit and I have heard your message. Its one of those things that once you see it you can’t unsee it (if that makes sense.) Thank you! UHURU!

  • Hello
    Just found out about his but Im broke so broke if it cost me to live I be dead but I would love to join to fight for my life .

  • I sent a $50 money order to USM on 1 Mar 17. I am hoping the organization received it and will accept me as a member. I have contributed over the years, but I was ignorant enough to support other organizations that were not as vocal and focused. That will not happen again.

    • Uhuru, Don!! Thank you for supporting USM! We really appreciate this, and especially when you say: “I have contributed over the years, but I was ignorant enough to support other organizations that were not as vocal and focused. That will not happen again.” How wonderful when we white people come to this realization; that we must organize UNDER the leadership of the African working class! Uhuru 4Ever! We will be in contact with you soon!

  • Last month I signed up to be a sustaining member. I was under the assumption that the thirty dollar payment would recur automatically every month but I see no evidence that I have made a payment for the month of May. Was I mistaken? What do I need to do to make sure my payments are being received every month? Is there any way to view my status as a member?

    • Uhuru Michelle! I am going to forward this to our Membership Chair and it will be resolved, thank you meanwhile for your patience and your support!!

  • For many years I have often felt quite alone and helpless in my quest to escape complicity with the capitalist system of white, patriarchal supremacy. Not anymore! I’ve just become a monthly sustainer, under the banner of one of my lifelong idols, Che Guevara, which is also the perfect level for my little income. With a little good fortune, I’m hoping to be also more actively involved in the nearer future. Thank you for all that you do, and for giving me the opportunity to support this campaign against imperialism and for humanity. Uhuru!

  • Awesome work here! In high school i switched from history to government class because i would always leave history class crying and heart broken due to d stories i heard bout my ancestors taken as slaves. I want to join your movement and pledge my total support, how do i go about this?Long live the black race! We are strong!

    • Uhuru Precious Nwachukwu! Yes, Africans are one billion strong! The African People’s Solidarity Committee (APSC) and its mass organization: The Uhuru Solidarity Movement (USM) were actually formed by and work under the leadership of the African People’s Socialist Party (APSP) to invite white people to join in material solidarity with Black Power and African liberation. The reparations paid by members of USM go to the programs of the African People’s Socialist Party, Black Star Industries, to build dual, contending power and a liberated African economy. You can find out more about the African People’s Socialist Party at their website: Thank you!

  • I’d love to become a member when I have a reliable source of income again. Until then, I wish you success in your wonderful efforts. Best of luck to you!

    • Uhuru Sharon, thank you. There are many levels of monthly sustainership, as well as annual membership levels for students and those on fixed incomes. Looking forward to having you join as a member!

  • I really like the work of Uhuru Solidarity Movement and wish more people recognized the importance of the African People’s Socialist Party, led by Chairman Omali Yeshitela.

    I have been trying to get the Omni Commons in Oakland, CA to reject racism and they do not appreciate Uhuru or the Chairman Yeshitela.

    I would appreciate any help in transforming the Omni Commons into a center for the Uhuru Solidarity Movement !

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