Join USM Convention Committee!

Join one of these exciting teams to bring your skills & interests to help make the work happen and build the USM Convention:

 Program Team:

  • Help develop the program for the two day USM National Convention including featured speakers, entertainment, workshops, panels, trainings, elections and reports.
  • Help to arrange the logistics for all program participants.

 Membership & Registration Team:

  • Develop exciting new materials like brochures, flyers and web promos to win new members of Uhuru Solidarity Movement.
  • Coordinate the May 2013 USM Membership Weekends nationwide!
  • Push for memberships, renewals, sustainers and registrations for the 2013 Convention.
  • Build the membership and base of Uhuru Solidarity Movement internationally!

 Information-Education (Info-Ed) & Outreach Team:

  • Design and produce creative new materials like posters and postcards for the Convention.
  • Get the word out on the streets in YOUR city to get people to the Convention!
  • Promote the Convention online through social media, emails, blogs and websites!

 Reparations Team:

  • Work closely with Membership and Outreach teams to ensure goals are met in recruiting new members.
  • Create a sponsorship and vendor campaign to raise resources.
  • Work with Info-Ed to create a Convention program that features advertisement space paid for by sponsors.
  • Marketing and promoting of the Convention, including doing research on other conferences that attract a similar audience.
  • Create a how-to manual for future conventions! Volunteers for this committee will gain or strengthen skills in developing marketing materials, sponsorship packets, communication and writing.

 Logistics Team:

  • Plan the design and decor of the Convention venue.
  • Get food donations and plan lunches for the 2-day Convention.
  • Help get affordable housing and transportation for everyone attending!
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