Take the Pledge of Solidarity with African People! – Jesse’s Reparations Pledge

jesseBecause I know that OxFam, Red Cross, Unicef and other charity organizations are doing nothing but ripping off the people and maintaining the status quo of a system under which African people have no freedom and power over their own lives and resources.

Because I want to see an end to the parasitic permanent warfare in Africa carried out by US and European proxy armies that massacre, rape and pillage the African workers and peasants with impunity.

Because I know that as a white man living inside the United States, there is no “perk” or material benefit in my life that has not been drenched from top to bottom in the blood of enslaved African people.

Because I know that reparations is the only solution, not charity, not anti-racism, not endless protests that don’t have an end goal or strategy.

Because the future of a liberated Africa and African people is the future of liberation of all of humanity, and that’s the only future I care to be a part of.

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IMPORTANT: When you make your donation, be sure to put Jesse’s name in the “special instructions” section so that the donation counts towards his goal!



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    • I believe Jesse’s words were something like: “what have toilet seats ever done to deserve being compared to white people and our brutal legacy of genocide, theft, and rape?”

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