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Jamie pledges to raise $500
Jamie pledges to raise $500

I remember this from my 10th grade history class, when I first seriously considered socialism and revolutionary politics.I decided around then I wanted to be a history teacher and a writer. This image remains fascinating, however dated and incomplete … it is powerful political imagery, especially because it depicts the reality of a parasitic system that rests on a pedestal of oppression of the majority.

They just left out the most critical part of the equation of capitalism: start up capital; Primary Accumulation. That is the trans Atlantic slave trade and colonial assault on Asia, the Americas and Africa which was the original extraction of wealth, by western Europe and her colonies which can be called capitalism. It remains and is in the crisis of its own extinction.

We, as white, or European or any other progressive allies of African people,have an opportunity to end the tradition of taking orders from wealth, and fight capitalism by supporting reparations to support the African liberation movement and self determination programs led by the African community such as the All African People’s Development & Empowerment Project (AAPDEP). I’m a member of the Uhuru Solidarity Movement, and I’m pledging to raise 1000 dollars to African People in the name of a popular, mostly white, progressive movement for reparations to African People everywhere for centuries slavery and colonialism, which continues and is the bedrock of the material economy of which, I,are we in the white community, are direct and intended beneficiaries. That’s a fact we had no control over. Acknowledging it gives us a chance to have a say and , quite possibly forever change history, by uniting, not with our own, morally bankrupt ruling class ( no matter the complexion of the current puppet or his imperial party) and uniting , instead with self determination and liberation for African People.

Isn’t this the time to build together, already, to support self governance and honesty? Openly from the white community? Isn’t that the best thing we can demonstrate our humanity for our children and the parents of children throughout a world which watches the U.S. and remembers Ferguson, and Oakland, and now Orlando, L.A. , N. Y., Philly, Chicago…. I speak of senseless, continuous, public police killings of African and other oppressed men, the VAST majority, unarmed.We can organize, expose, resist and be a part of stopping it. This police containment of the black community draws the line between what is called the two American realities. One is a shaky dream of white community social climbing and usually falling.( The average US white household has something like 22 times the overall wealth that the average African household has in the US ). The other reality has always been horror show , colonial slavery, poverty and prison nightmare. It is a prolonged, colonial genocide as certain as it has been, and remains so with the Indigenous peoples of this land. Neither is a tenable situation. We can turn this around. If you unite with this, but think its crazy because too many white people won’t go for it, can I please hear from you? We aren’t crazy or exceptional for uniting with reparations and white people are human beings too, white friends. I’m one. What do you think?

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