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Take the Pledge of Solidarity with African People! -Wendy S.’s Reparations Pledge

I believe in reparations:

Help me raise $200 for the campaign for A Day in Solidarity with African People.

Reparations to African people for slavery is a very profound issue. Just google “reparations” and see that this question has entered the mainstream discussions about the situation in Ferguson, Missouri.

“Reparations in action” is a practice that the Uhuru Movement has developed since they created the African People’s Solidarity Committee, which is a an organization of whites and other allies that works to build a movement of white people’s reparations.

For a deeper understanding of why I believe that reparations are due from not only the U.S. and European government’s and corporations, but from regular white people, see this video by Penny Hess, the chair of the African People’s Solidarity Committee and author of Overturning the Culture of Violence:


Here are the programs you are supporting when you help me raise my pledge of solidarity:


Thank you for participating in this expression of reparations to the African community!

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