Wendy C.

Take the Pledge of Solidarity with African People! -Wendy C.’s Reparations Pledge


Wendy PFBecause I know the U.S. government will never apologize or pay reparations. But I can pay reparations as an everyday, ordinary white person. I can give back some of the wealth stolen from African people and not be complicit in this system of violence. Because I don’t want to be a well-wisher like so many white liberals are, professing to care about the conditions of African and oppressed people’s struggles, but not taking concrete action in a stance of genuine solidarity. Because NOT ONE MORE BLACK LIFE will be taken in my name, so that I may enjoy all the comforts afforded to me as a white person which requires Africans to die. Because I know there is no furutre for me, for white people, or for humanity if we continue to support this ugly and vicious system of parasitic capitalism.

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