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StuEvery 26 hours another African (black person) is killed by the police. About 75 percent of the 2.5 million people in prison and the 6 million people in prison, on probation, or on parole are black, Mexican, and indigenous. White families on average own 22 times the wealth of the average black family. Whites owe reparations to African people for a system that enriches us at their expense, this system was founded on the slavery of Africans and the genocide of the indiengous people. As long as this system exists there will always be another Mike Brown. Our only solution is revolution.

This is not meant to put anybody on a guilt trip. (For whites) Reparations means that we contribute to the African People’s Socialist Party, the revolutionary organization of the African working class because it is setting out to overturn this system that oppresses and exploits us all. Overturning U.S. imperialism will free all of humanity.

The African People’s Socialist Party says that reparations must be a function of revolution. African people are building self determination programs and building a power base to make a revolution that will overturn this system of colonialism-imperialism-capitalism. I am pledging to raise $1,000 in reparations to African people this fall for the Days in Solidarity with African People Campaign led by the Uhuru Solidarity Movement. Please help me with my goal. The money will go directly to the self determination programs of African people, led by the African People’s Socialist Party.

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