Take the Pledge of Solidarity with African People! -Stephanie’s Reparations Pledge

Stephanie pledges to raise $350

I’m committed to raising $350 in reparations to African people through this campaign because I believe that reparations are due and I believe that it’s time to stop defending a system that has exploited African, Indigenous and other peoples in my name. I hope that you will contribute to my goal! The system that allows one Michael Brown to be killed every 26 hours is not a system worth defending. I know that more and more white people are standing up and speaking out. Take a stand in solidarity, not charity. Take a stand for reparations in action, not just well-wishing. Take the pledge of solidarity with African people and join the Uhuru Solidarity Movement. #NotOneMoreBlackLife


Click here to support Stephanie.

IMPORTANT: When you make your donation, be sure to put Maureen’s name in the “special instructions” section so that the donation counts towards her goal!

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