Take the Pledge of Solidarity with African People! -Kefira’s Reparations Pledge

kefiraThe murder of Michael Brown was part of a WAR on the African community. Every 26 hours another African is murdered. There’s genocide happening in plain-view inside this country and too often white people have sat back twiddling our thumbs finding excuses for it to legitimize our cushy lifestyles, cocooned by stolen resources. White people reap the benefits of a system built on colonialism and oppression, thus its all the more our responsibility to play an active role in making it change. For us, it is through reparations and working under the leadership of African and oppressed peoples, building liberation through programs of economic development and self-determination. That’s what the Uhuru Solidarity Movement does through the Days in Solidarity with African People campaign and that’s why if you want to see an end to this vicious system then I call on you to pledge to my DSAP reparations goal of $500.  ALL the money goes towards African-led community programs.

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IMPORTANT: When you make your donation, be sure to put Kefira’s name in the “special instructions” section so that the donation counts towards her goal!


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