Take the Pledge of Solidarity with African People! -Johann’s Reparations Pledge

johannToday is my Birthday(September 8th)! In wake of the murder of 18 -year -old Michael Brown and the righteous resistance of the African community in Ferguson, Missouri, I want to make a commitment to reparations for my birthday. You can help me. I want to turn over resources to the programs of the African People’s Socialist Party, such as self-reliance institutions like Black Star Industries so Africans can live a life without terror from the U.S. government, and live a life of prosperity with their own resources  in their own hands.  The murder of Michael Brown is not an isolated incident. The death of  Brown happens every 26 hours to AFRICANS inside the U.S. Far too long, have we walked over the lifeless bodies of Africans, lynched by our proclaimed protectors, the criminals in blue uniforms, as we race to our favorite coffee shop. Far too long have we wallowed in our grotesque gluttony, where the terrorist we refused to see is our own reflection, made fat by the literal sucking the lives  of billions of Africans, as the cold glock of white power presses against black laborers whose bodies are reduced skeletons. Far too  long have we silence our tongues, our humanity,  our responsibility for our brutal colonial legacy.  I Take this Pledge of Solidarity because I recognize lives have been stolen, families destroyed, African way of life crippled by the legacy of slavery that continues to this day in the form of mass incarceration of African men who make up 1 and 8 prisoners in the entire world just inside the U.S.! Reparations are owed! The African Nation must be repaired for the humiliating damage we inflicted over and over, generation after generation against her children. Our time is now; we must demand not another black life stolen in our name, real life ripped from a mother’s bosom, a dream, a future murdered. Africans have a right to take back their birthright, their land, their resources, their labor, their ability to produce real life. I make this commitment to materially pledge my solidarity with the ascendency of the African nation in form of self-determining economic and political power! Uhuru!

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