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Uhuru Solidarity Movement
PO Box 13206
St Louis, MO 63157

Phone: 727 888 3797


The Uhuru Solidarity Movement is an activist organization of Euro-Americans and other allies in solidarity with the struggle for African liberation and self-determination. Our mission is to organize every possible ally of African liberation under the leadership of the African People’s Socialist Party. That means you, reading this website.

No matter what skills or experience you have, you can play a role in building this worldwide movement.

Person by person, town by town, campus by campus, city by city, together we can transform the consciousness in our communities and create a new culture that is not based on parasitism and oppression, but on reparations from the white community to African people and solidarity with African self-determination.

Do you want to submit an event, action, or outreach opportunity to this calendar? Submit the calendar listing to

Just some ways for you get involved…

  • Take the “Reparations Challenge”
  • Join a committee
  • Hold a “Days in Solidarity with African People” event
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  • my number is 732-616-3781. i’d love to organize something for your group, i live at the jersey shore, please call me

    • Uhuru, Will! I will pass this along and myself or another comrade will be in touch soon! Have you thought about becoming a sustainer as well? Uhuru!

    • Uhuru, Nathan! We have branches throughout the U.S. and are growing! There are branches in Seattle, Menifee, CA, San Diego CA, and organizing in Oakland CA! Contact: 510-467-0370 and for the West Coast Region and an Uhuru Solidarity Movement comrade can assist you!

  • I just came back from the Uhuru Solidarity Movement Reparations Challenge National Conference and was happy to be with people who believed that white people should take responsibility for what has happened to African and Black people all over the world and to make amends. I am planning to start a chapter in San Antonio and do outreach in Austin to find white people who would stand in solidarity with Black Reparations and Black Power and create a chapter in Austin as well.

    • We were glad you came and took part in our historic Convention! We will be bringing everyone together who is interested in building a branch and will provide you with the support you need to get started! Uhuru!

  • I am the President of a black organization, headquartered in Detroit, seeking reparations. We would like to work with your group. I will be in the St. Petersburg area next week. Please contact me at 313-740-4644.

    • Uhuru, Anita, please forgive the late reply, are you still visiting in St. Pete area? The Uhuru Solidarity Movement works under the leadership of the African People’s Socialist Party, and happy to forward your info to them as well.

  • I’m curious, have you come up with a dollar figure that would be sufficient penalty for each white man? How would the black community know that I have paid my reparations in full?

    • Bill, some have tried to come up with an “exact” figure as to what is owed in reparations to African People, and it is about 14.2 trillion dollars, just for unpaid labor alone. White people can begin to pay reparations that go to the Programs of the African People’s Socialist Party for African liberation and self-determination. White people can join or make a one time donation, even take the “Reparations Challenge.” Reparations may never be “paid in full,” but we can join the colonized against the oppressor to overturn colonialism. Uhuru!

  • please send me information of activities and events, to improvements of our people.
    send to: Preston Wharton JR
    8712 temple hill road
    Clinton, Maryland zip 20735

  • Uhuru, Katherine! The International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement (InPDUM) ~ also part of the Uhuru Movement~ has a branch in NYC. USM is growing in that area, too, but no branch yet. Check out our “Events” here on our home page menu, and here’s a link to the other organizations within the Uhuru Movement and their websites:

  • Would anyone from this group in the LA area accept slave labor as a form of reparations? I’m a 25 year old white boy who doesn’t have much money to give but I’d be willing to give what I have to a black person or group of black people and pay the rest in the form of complete servitude. And by that, I mean that if you want my duties as a slave to extend beyond just housework and cooking, I’d be willing to do so. I’m sure nothing you do to me could be worse than what my ancestors did to yours, so you deserve to have a white person who lives for your pleasure.

  • I just watched your Jesse’s Call video. I am a fan!!! Please let me know how I can help. Is there a chapter here where I live in Los Angeles

    • Uhuru, Robert!! We are building in California, I will send your info to the right person and someone will contact you! Thank you!

    • Uhuru! I have passes along your request to the proper person and someone will be getting in touch with you!

    • I am also in Georgia and would be willing to do as much as I possibly can to make an Atlanta chapter happen.

  • Hi, my name is Bonqueesha. I am a strong, powerful black woman living in the depths of what was once owned by my ancestors known as the Kookwala clan in Central Missouri. This movement has provided me a strong stance against the dasterdly white man and I have never been so empowered by something. Strong black people, rise to the stands! We will no longer let the WHITE MAN control us!

    I once was told gravity was created by Isaac Newton, but we all know gravity was an invention of the white man. Show your support for Uhuru by jumping off a building, show your peers you aren’t afraid of what the white man fears most; flying black women!

    • UHURU! Thank you Bonqueesha; we in the Uhuru Solidarity Movement are dedicated to organizing under the leadership of the African People’s Socialist Party to go into our white communities and raise #Reparations to Black Star Industries! We totally unite: #BlackPowerMatters! #LongLiveAPSP!

  • I will become sustainer after I get paid in two weeks. Really excited about Chairman Yeshitela and the USM !

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