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The Opposite of Rape Culture is the Culture of Reparations: Web Conference

November 14, 2017 @ 8:00 PM - 9:30 PM

Join the Uhuru Solidarity Movement’s November Web Conference “The Opposite of Rape Culture is the Culture of Reparations.”

Register for the event via AnyMeeting @ tinyurl.com/TheOppositeOfRapeCulture

This event is a call to action to stop sexual violence by attacking the roots of a system built on genocide and enslavement of African and Indigenous peoples.

Speakers will address how the rape culture that is rampant on predominately white college campuses, Hollywood and the Catholic Church is a reflection of a white imperialist culture of violence born through conquest and domination of colonized peoples. Rape is a weapon of imperialism, one in which white people of all backgrounds have historically united with carrying out against African people to step on their tortured backs and climb the “ladder of success”.

We will discuss how white people can participate in destroying rape culture through principled, material solidarity with black power and African revolution, the only way to destroy the foundation upon which the Euro-American culture of rape and violence was built.

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