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Livestream OF: The True History of NYC Walking Tour

January 27, 2018 @ 11:00 AM - 2:00 PM

Join us this Saturday, January 27th, for the LIVESTREAM OF:
The True History of NYC: An Anti-colonial, Anti-imperialist, Anti-capitalist walking tour of the big apple.

Tourists, newcomers and long-time residents alike are drawn to the unparalleled wealth and opportunity on display in New York City. The glittering skyscrapers of the financial district and fancy shops of fifth avenue beckon from the heights of capitalist excess. But why amidst all this wealth and power are black neighborhoods suffering under brutal police containment, and unlivable conditions?

As we know, New York City, like the state of New York and the country of the United States, was built from the kidnapping and trade of enslaved Africanpeople and the theft of land from the indigenous people. This process, known as ‘colonialism,’ has continued uninterrupted for centuries and forms the pedestal upon which the wealth of the big apple is built, and underneath which its black working class community struggles for survival and self-determination.

The Uhuru Solidarity Movement will take guests on a revolutionary, and unconventional tour of New York City that exposes the violent colonial foundations of its modern economic and cultural power: from the the arrival of Dutch kidnappers, the growth of the British trade in enslaved Africans, and the mass graves of African people in lower manhattan, to the colonial legal policies that emerged during and after abolition, central booking, corrections center, and other aspects of police containment, and finally examining the removal of African communities through the development of the boroughs and the rapid gentrification of Manhattan, Harlem, Brooklyn, and Queens within this ongoing process of destabilizing and dividing the poor and oppressed Black working class.

This tour centers and uplifts the ongoing resistance of black communities both in New York and around the world, which has brought freedom and progress for sectors of white society too. Finally we will look at reparations, the defining opportunity for white people to stand in genuine solidarity with the black community’s struggle for power and an end to this violent parasitic social, economic, and political system.

When we talk about “utopia” we often speak in abstraction, but what is the concrete world that the poor and oppressed black working class is fighting for?

How do we get there?
What will the future look like without oppressor and oppressed?
What will Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, and Manhattan look like?
What will be your relationship to land, life, community, and humanity?
Join us and support this project!

Uhuru means freedom in the African language of Swahili. The Uhuru Solidarity Movement, an organization formed by the 45-year-old African People’s Socialist Party, exists for white people to work in our own communities to rectify the relationship between the oppression of the black working class and white prosperity.