White people say “NO!” to FBI Targeting Black Movements

The FBI released a document designating African organizations and individuals as “black identity extremists” to be a security threat to U.S. interests.

This happened in conjunction with a Southern Poverty Law Center report that tracked a number of organizations as black “hate groups.” Clearly this is part of the white nationalist colonialist state’s campaign to criminalize and isolate the African independence movement just as the U.S. government did in the 1960s when they launched COINTELPRO with its stated mission of “neutralizing black nationalist hate type organizations,” a broad categorization that encompassed forces as varied as Martin Luther King and the Black Panther Party.

The definitions provided by the FBI for what constitutes a “Black Identity Extremist” include identifying as Black, Muslim, Moorish, African etc., and pursuing a liberated “black homeland” and building “black autonomous social institutions.” We must defend the African community’s right to SELF-DETERMINATION and control over their own resources, identity and labor! This “Black Identity Extremists” designation is an assault on the Black Power Blueprint in St. Louis. It’s an assault on the basic democratic right of African people to self-reliance and self-government.
White People Say “NO” to FBI Targeting Black Movements!

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