The Reparations Challenge

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Also attend the weekly Reparations Challenge Mass Meetings each Sunday from 2 to 3 pm EST!


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    • Uhuru, John! Three things you can do: Click HERE to Join our Facebook group: “The Reparations Challenge,” and if you are able to, please join us this Saturday for our “New to the Uhuru Solidarity Movement” orientation, which will be at 2:30pm EST by phone conference. Email for the call-in info if interested. And thirdly, visit the new Reparations Challenge website here!

    • Uhuru Steve, although white people are sometimes also effected by white power and capitalism in harsh ways, we sit on the pedestal of colonialism; we need to unite in material solidarity with Black Power and we can do this by paying reparations. White people who have no home or income can still support this movement by giving their time, talents or other resources to organize other white people in solidarity with Reparations. We also have a general membership level which is a very low yearly one time payment for those with low incomes, and a student/ fixed income level. People also hold “Reparations Challenges” to raise resources. You can find out more about this at

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