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The Days in Solidarity with African People campaign is a tribute from the white community to the struggle, history and future of liberation for African people around the world. Build a Day in Solidarity with African People event in your city or on your campus. (put in the link for the events page)

Take the Pledge of Solidarity with African People today, sign your name to the pledge, leave a statement about why you are taking the pledge and make a donation of reparations.

Read Pledge Statements from People Around the World

Make a Personal Reparations Goal:

Make a personal commitment to raising a goal of $1,000, $500, $250 or another amount toward the Days in Solidarity with African people campaign.
Join the growing list of individuals who are raising their pledge goals by carrying out creative fundraisers such as:

  • Building a Days in Solidarity with African People event in their city or on their campus
  • Hosting a house event under the Days in Solidarity with African People theme
  • Winning people to join the Uhuru Solidarity Movement
  • Selling the Burning Spear Newspaper
  • Organizing a poetry open mic night fundraiser
  •  Throwing a music benefit
  • Dedicating their birthday party to the Days in Solidarity with African People campaign
  • Joining the USM outreach events such as outreach tables, door-to-door, phone calls, social media outreach and more
  • Talking to friends, family and neighbors about why you took the Pledge of Solidarity and winning them to Take the Pledge themselves or support your goal
  •  Organizing a bake sale, yard sale, raffle, car wash or art auction fundraiser
  • What are your ideas?

Sign up now to take on a personal reparations goal! Email with the following information:
– Your name, phone, email and reparations goal
– The picture that you’d like to have posted on your personal pledge page
– The statement about why you took the pledge and why you think others should take the pledge

When you contact us we will make sure that you have all the materials that you need to create a plan and meet your reparations goal!

Support a Friend:
Support someone that took the Pledge of Solidarity with African People. Click on their personal page below to read why they have taken on a personal reparations goal and how you can support their stand:

Stephanie Midler

Harris Daniels

Kefira Baron

Jesse Nevel

Wendy Craig

Nicole Gilbo

Jeanine Griswa

Stu Becker

Ali Hoene


To raise your own personal pledge, you can have a page created personally for you that you can easily share with your friends and family to donate towards your goal.  Please send an e-mail to – include your goal, a photo of yourself, and a statement about why you are raising these donations in support of “Days in Solidarity with African People.” You will then receive the link to share and your page will be added here.

Fundraising Tips:

How to meet your personal reparations goal:
1.) Make a plan!
* Set Goals and a budget. List your fundraising ideas, tentative dates and locations and estimated amounts of what can be raised.
* Involve other people and get them excited about participating. Get their ideas.
* Inform people about what the Days in Solidarity with African People campaign supports. Use the “Uhuru on the Move” document and “The Call” document to provide information about the campaign and the urgency of the fundraising.

2.) Work your plan!
How to Do a Fundraiser
1. Determine what type of fundraiser – cookie sale, vegan chili, t-shirt, etc.
2. Create budget listing the expenses of the fundraiser (cost of goods, venue rental, booth fee, promotional materials) and the projected income.
3. Prepare promotional materials, media, announcements, emails etc. to let people know about the fundraiser.
4. Determine how many people are needed to staff the fundraiser and organize people to staff.
5. Determine how much start change is needed for the fundraiser.
6. Have political outreach goals for the fundraiser – how many USM members you want to win, number of leaflets to pass out, number of sign ups to you want to get.
7. At the end of the fundraiser, secure the resources that you have raised and contacts made.
8. Have a summation with your committee about how the fundraiser went – what worked and what could have been done better.

How to Organize a House Event
1. Make a list of people to invite
2. Determine location, date, time
3. Determine your program (food, speaker, video, etc)
4. Set your goals: how many people to attend, fundraising goals, win others to do their own house events
5. Consider your audience: How can you get people excited about Taking the Pledge and making donations? How can you get people to have house events of their own? Open up for discussion and their ideas at the house event.
6. Send invites at least one week ahead, send reminder at least 2 days before
7. Do calls to find out if people will be able to make it
8. Enlist the help of USM organizers – request speakers, do you have all the materials, answer any questions and help solve problems

How to Build a Benefit Concert / Show / Bar Night
1. Find a venue that will either let you use it for free or give you a percentage of the door
2. Determine location, date, time
3. Make a list of bands / comedians / performers you know who would perform and draw a large crowd
4. Set your goals
5. Get the word out!
6. There are several ways to make these events a fundraiser: make an appeal at the venue to everyone in the room and pass the can, win the venue to donate the money raised from the entrance fees, hold a fundraising bake sale or other type of sale at the event itself

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