Days in Solidarity (DSAP) Organizer Toolkit


Anyone can organize and participate in the Days in Solidarity with African People campaign and the Reparations Challenge!

The “Days in Solidarity with African People” campaign is an international fundraising and action campaign to build support and resources for the worldwide struggle of African people for self-determination, liberation, and reparations. Individuals are taking the “Reparations Challenge” to raise resources.

Members and supporters are doing outreach tables and going door-to-door asking people to support reparations to African people! Every organizer will need the following:

Reparations Challenge Sign Up form:  Use this so that people can sign their name as a statement of solidarity and give a donation. This is how you can engage the white community in supporting African freedom.  As you talk to friends and family, or table on the street or at events, you can explain how important it is for whites to take a stand of solidarity. For example, the murder by police of Africans in Ferguson, Baltimore, Cleveland and elsewhere is national news right now. You can approach people by saying, “What do you think about the police killings?” as a way to start the conversation. Or there may be some local event that is affecting the Black community that you can discuss and introduce the Reparations Challenge. You will be pleasantly surprised by how willing people are to sign the form, take the pledge and give a donation!

DSAP Call: explains the importance of the Days in Solidarity with African People and why it is in the interest of white people to support the struggle of African self-determination. This is a great tool to explain why you are raising reparations and why people should donate!

USM Membership Brochure:  for people who are interested in joining USM, the brochure illustrates the work of our members, membership levels and how to join.

Reparations Challenge Form: used for each person who wants to actually “take the Reparations Challenge” and commit to raising reparations for the DSAP campaign. People can fill it out online at or fill out the paper form and give it back to you.   Some great fundraising tips on how to raise money for the Reparations Challenge can be found here. Go to our facebook page and post your photo and solidarity statement!

Uhuru on the Move: shows people where their donations are going and all of the African self-determination projects they are supporting.

Email if you would like to be trained on outreach tabling and want to join our weekly phone conferences of the Days in Solidarity with African People committee. The DSAP committee meets every Sunday from 11:30-1:30 PST/2:30-4:30 EST. learn how to hold events, activities and workshops, and build a DSAP event in your city!

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