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Ann pledges to raise $570
Ann pledges to raise $570

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Our government is out of control with the armed forces attacking the world and police attacking people of color in our own communities. Do you ever wonder how to make an impact on these issues?

One organization I know of is keeping the REAL story out in front and organizing for justice for people of color here in our country and around the world.  The Uhuru Solidarity movement raises money as reparations to African people and puts it in the hands of people of color who are working in communities saying NO to this ongoing oppression and creating viable alternatives to the status quo.  Won’t you join me in DOING something that will make a difference? MAKE A DONATION TODAY TO HELP ME CELEBRATE MY BIRTHDAY IN A WAY THAT CAN HELP CHANGE THE WORLD. Thanks – Anne



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When you make your donation, be sure to put Anne’s name in the “special instructions” section so that the donation counts towards her goal!

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  • I didn’t put my name under “special instructions”. Didn’t realize until too late.
    $57.00 to get us started!
    Thank you to Uhuru Solidarity and the Uhuru Movement for your work for justice!

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