When police murder Africans, white people must do more than protest

Yesterday footage was released showing four Minneapolis cops surrounding a 46-year-old African man named George Floyd, as one of them pinned him down with his knee until he stopped breathing. 

White people, it is time to go beyond protest and take a stand for reparations to the African community.

This is the latest, horrific murder in this period of escalating attacks on African people who are facing the devastating effects of the COVID-19 pandemic labelled by Uhuru Movement founder Chairman Omali Yeshitela as “the colonial virus.”

Statistics have laid bare the stark conditions faced by African people today. African people are dying at a rate of 2.5 times higher than the rate of white people from the colonial COVID-19 virus, and in some states and cities African deaths are 70 percent of the total.  African patients have been left to die in hospitals and denied access to testing.

Colonial conditions ravage the African community in every way possible. Unemployment is skyrocketing. Over twenty percent of Africans are unemployed as of March of this year. Slumlords are evicting Africans from their homes, forcing them into the streets. Rampant white nationalist attacks on Africans by police and ordinary white people in public places have repeatedly gone viral on social media. 

Colonial poverty is deepening in the African community while Wall Street is raking in trillions of dollars off the suffering of African people. 

We believe it is time for white people who want to see an end to the murder and terror againt Africans by our government in our name to do more than join another protest.

We have to stand for reparations to African people. We have to stand in solidarity with the African community’s struggle for political and economic power in their own hands, so that what happened to George Floyd, and Eric Garner before him, and so many others, will never happen again. 

This is why the Uhuru Solidarity Movement was built, under the leadership of the African People’s Socialist Party. This is why we support the Black Power Blueprint, the project of the African working class fighting for self-determination, political power and economic development.

We cannot stand by. We cannot sit back. We cannot be complacent. We must take a stand that goes beyond protest. Take action. Stand in solidarity with African people. Expose our own white ruling class, the capitalist elites and Wall Street parasites whose hands are covered in the blood of African people.

JP Morgan Chase, the largest bank in the U.S., is also one of the largest donors to the New York police department who stop and frisk and murder Africans on a regular basis. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. 

They have blood on their hands. We have to make them pay.

Join the campaign to Make Wall Street Pay Reparations for slavery, prisons, and police murder and colonial genocide against African people. 

Not in our name. If Africans had power over their lives and resources, George Floyd would be alive today. That is the world that we want to be a part of. That is the future that the Black Power Blueprint is creating. 

Register for June 1st, 7pm Eastern mass meeting via Zoom to organize white people in support of justice for George Floyd and reparations to the African community.

Join the Uhuru Solidarity Movement!

Donate to the Black Power Blueprint!


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