Days of Reparations to African People (DRep) 2019 Tour Dates

Days of Reparations to African People St Petersburg Uhuru Solidarity Movement Florida 2019

Reparations: A Revolutionary Demand!
Fall 2019 Speaking Tour

The Uhuru Solidarity Movement calls on white people to stand on the side of the resistance of African and oppressed peoples.

Reparations is our self-criticism and the key to joining in solidarity with African people and all of humanity to play our role in the building of a just and harmonious world without war and suffering.

Reparations stands for our unity with the future of the majority of humanity who have been forced into hideous suffering for the past 600 years for our benefit.

Participate in the Days of Reparations to be held in Boston, Philadelphia, Gainesville, St. Petersburg, St. Louis, Seattle, Portland and Louisville this fall.

Stand on the forward side of history!

Find an event near you!

Philadelphia, PA: September 23rd

Louisville, KY: October 1st

St. Louis, MO: October 3rd

St. Petersburg, FL: October 12th

Boston, MA: October 15th

Portland, OR: October 23rd

Seattle, WA: October 24th

Gainesville, FL: November 10th

Don’t see your city listed? Reach out to us at to find out how you can host your own Day of Reparations to African People speaking event or watch party! You don’t want to miss out on this incredible opportunity!


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