Urgent Webinar Hosted by Uhuru Solidarity Movement: Abrupt Climate Change & Imperialism

Abrupt Climate Change & Imperialism

Hosted by the Uhuru Solidarity Movement, don’t miss this urgent web event on the threat posed by U.S. imperialism to the survival of life on this planet – and why the solution is in the struggle of African, Indigenous and colonized people to reclaim control of their resources. White environmentalist capitalism will not solve the problem. Colonial conservationism will not solve it. White scientists, Al Gore, or bans on plastic straws will not solve it. Only the African liberation struggle can do that, and white people who are concerned about the environment must join in solidarity with the anti-colonial movement of the oppressed nations of the world to defeat the imperialist system that arose on the enslavement of African human beings.

Penny Hess, Chairwoman of the African People’s Solidarity Committee, will be our guest speaker.  Tune in this Tuesday January 8th at 8pm EST/ 7pm Central/ 5pm Pacific time. This event will be livestreamed from our Facebook page. Click HERE for event on Facebook.  Also livestreaming from our YouTube channel!

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