Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, textThe mass movement for reparations is rising up!

The mass movement for reparations is rising up in support of the candidacies of Eritha “Akile” Cainion For District 7 and Anne Hirsch for District 5! The campaign committee is urgently calling for your participation in the NATIONAL VOLUNTEER DAYS OF ACTION.

For people nationally who are not in St. Pete, we are asking you to make phone calls to voters to win them to these amazing campaigns and their goal to stop gentrification, win reparations to the black community and overturn the big moneyed politicians who have sold out the interests of the people of this city to the big real estate developers.

For people in St. Pete, you can make calls or knock on doors with us! Both are extremely fun and exhilarating activities that deepen the profound base of support that exists already for these two magnificent candidates and the movement to “Make the Southside Black Again”!

So many people are joining this campaign and to have the participation of the members and supporters of the Uhuru Movement in every organization and department will push this over the top towards victory in the hands of the African working class!

We will provide you with a calls list, a script, a training and overview and a cheat-sheet on how to enter the data once you are done with your calls.

We can beat the forces who represent gentrification and police terror, we can beat the enemies of African people! We can win! We WILL win! We ARE WINNING!

For more information on the candidates and their platforms, visit voteakile.com and votehirsch.com!