The Reparations Challenge Mass Meeting: 2019 Apocalypse Now? Or REPARATIONS NOW!

Reports of global warming, mass shootings, suicide, sexual violence, and the US government in shambles may seem like the end is near and we are approaching apocalyptic times. But as Chairman Omali Yeshitela, the creator of African Internationalism and the Uhuru Movement, has said… it is imperialism that is in crisis and white power that is coming to an end as colonized people are rising up to take back what is rightfully theirs!

APOCALYPSE NOW?! OR REPARATIONS NOW! We as colonizers can align ourselves with African people to be liberated from white power imperialism by dedicating our skills and resources to revolutionary action. We can take part in building a new world free from parasitic capitalism and oppression by showing material solidarity with anti-colonial struggle lead by the African working class through reparations. This is our future.


Reparations is material solidarity with the anti-colonial revolution building black power. The Reparations Challenge is any event, activity, workshop, etc. that exists in the white community and turning it into returning stolen resources for black power. Yoga classes, dance parties, skill sharing workshops, etc. can be used as a weapon against white power! Any and all white people are welcomed to take this challenge. This is the culture of reparations we are building.

This meeting will feature Chairwoman of the African People’s Solidarity Committee and a special guest from the African People’s Socialist Party (TBA) to summarize the significance of white people participating in anti-colonial struggle through reparations work.

Saturday December 30th 11amP/1pmC/2pmE

Reparations raised goes to The Black Power Blueprint, a black-led self-determination project based in St. Louis, MO. It is organized by Black Star Industries and the African People’s Education and Defense Fund. The mission of the Black Power Blueprint is to overturn the deep poverty and oppression faced by the African community of St. Louis’ northside through political and economic power in the hands of African working people.

Come to this meeting to learn more, discuss, and join with white people from all over the world who want to be on the right side of history!

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