Black Power Blueprint is transforming the conditions of life for the devastated black community in North St. Louis by renovating long-standing abandoned buildings into community resources, creating an inspiring cultural life and economic development.

Giving Tuesday launches Tues. Nov. 27th with matching funds available at 8am Eastern time. We suggest that you promote it throughout the holiday season. Invite your friends and family to donate and support the African community’s self-determination programs!

How to Create a #GivingTuesday Black Power Blueprint Facebook Fundraiser

On A Computer

  1. Go to your personal FB Page — Scroll up to the blue taskbar above your cover photo on the upper right hand side of your page. Click on the “Create” tab in the blue bar on the top of the page. It should be to the right of the “Home” tab and to the left of the “Friend Requests” tab.
    #GivingTuesday Black Power Blueprint Facebook Fundraiser How-To Toolkit
  2. Click on Fundraiser
  3. Click on Get Started

On A Phone

  1. Click the three horizontal bars on the bottom right of your screen.
  2. Scroll down to the Explore section and click Fundraisers. You might need to hit ‘See More’ to find Fundraisers.
  3. Click Create on the top right.

On A Tablet

  1. Click on the three horizontal bars in the blue bar on the top right of the screen.
  2. Scroll down to the Apps section and click Fundraisers. You might need to hit ‘See More’ to find find Fundraisers.
  3. Click Raise Money in the middle of the page.

On All Devices, once you’ve navigated to the Facebook Fundraiser App

  1. Click on NonProfit

  2. Type in all caps just like this = APEDF, and it will pop up with the beautiful African logo. Click on the APEDF option.

Next Steps

  1. Fill in how much money you want to raise. A good goal to start with is $200, but you are welcome to do more!
  2. Choose the date range for your fundraiser: Giving Tuesday is on Tuesday, November 27.  You can start your fundraiser now. The fundraising period will go through Dec. 31, the Holiday Giving Season.
  3. Title your fundraiser. For example “Connor’s Giving Tuesday for Black Power Blueprint”
  4. Explain why you are raising money. Make it from the heart, say why you support the Black Power Blueprint that is transforming the dire conditions in St. Louis!
  5. Choose a cover photo- Facebook will prompt you with various options, uploaded already on Facebook.
  6. Click the “Create” button
  7. Invite all of your friends to donate. Keep it alive and active every day! Invite everyone on your friend list. Encourage your friends and family to share your page and invite their friends and family as well. You can add this great video:
    TIP: Even people you aren’t friends with on Facebook can easily donate to your fundraiser.
  8. Make a target list of people you can ask.  Plan an amount to ask for. If someone has donated before, ask for a little more this time.  This is the “giving season” when many of our friends and family members are planning on donating somewhere—lets win them to donate to APEDF!
  9. Personal contact is important! Call the people on your list and ask them to donate.
  10. Donate yourself! When more people donate, others will donate too!
  11. When you make your goal, up it and keep it going through Dec. 31!
  12. Whenever you are posting about your fundraiser, use the hashtag #GivingTuesday. This goes for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. If you are tweeting about #GivingTuesday, also mention Giving Tuesday by using the @ symbol and write @GivingTues.
  13. When someone donates to your fundraiser, thank them (you will get an alert when someone donates). Post pictures about “here is where your money is going.” Do a countdown, as in I’ve raised $80, I only have $20 more to go! Or, a friend donated $50 today, can anybody match that? etc. Be creative and enthusiastic, it’s winning, and it works!
  14. Send a personal thank you to all your donors either on Facebook or send a handwritten card.

Offline Fundraisers

If you or your friends and family are not on Facebook, you can host an Offline Fundraiser. This option can be used with a Facebook fundraiser, or separately. Simply call up your friends and family and ask them to donate to the Black Power Blueprint, an economic development project of APEDF.

Donate online

Make checks to APEDF and mail to APEDF ℅ Uhuru House 4101 W. Florissant Ave. St. Louis MO 63115

If you have any questions contact us at:


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