11/24 Solidarity Spear Study LIVE with Kitty Reilly of the African People’s Solidarity Committee discussing how Black Power will overturn neo-colonial chaos in Africa

2018 11 24 Spear Study Live
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Solidarity Spear Study LIVE! from  Saturday 11/24 with Office of Reparations and Economic Development (ORED) Director Kitty Reilly of the African People’s Solidarity Committee on the ground in St Louis with the Black Power Blueprint calling on white people to go beyond Giving Tuesday and a charity make it a season of giving: material solidarity with the African working-class-led economic development.

This week’s study is of The Burning Spear Newspaper November 2018 discussion on colonial violence in Beni, Congo, where many European and American charities are based as well as many foreign mining investments.

Learn how charity has parasitic capitalism as its basis and how to overturn your relationship to the colonial capitalist system by supporting Black Power Blueprint and returning reparations.

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