USM responds to FL School Shooting: Overturn the Culture of Violence!

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The Uhuru Solidarity Movement responds to the Florida school shooting and gun control debate. The issue is not about guns or mental illness, it is about colonialism and the white culture of violence that originated with Europe’s assault on Africa.

Modern day school shootings by white people is an extension of the violence that Europeans committed upon African and Indigenous people in the creation of parasitic capitalism. The article read here is from The Burning Spear Newspaper titled “War on terror overlooks Connecticut shooter! War on African community intensifies!” (December 18, 2012… )

The FBI has a new designation of “Black Identity Extremist” that they are using to label black people who identify as black, African, Muslim, Moorish or are part of black self-determination organizations. This targeting of African people in calling them terrorists just for identifying with their ancestral homeland or legally owning a gun is a very serious threat which has already imprisoned black people with this label. It is an extension of the US Government’s COINTELPRO (Counter Intelligence Programs) from the 1960s which militarily targeted and crushed the black power movements of that era.

At that time, white people said nothing as the black community was being gunned down left and right by the US government. This time in 2018, the Uhuru Solidarity Movement will not let that happen! USM is an organization of white people created by the African People’s Socialist Party. We organize in the white community for reparations to African people.

With the FBI’s new label Black Identity Extremist comes a fierce campaign from USM to draw support from the white community in calling out this bogus label and tell the FBI to stop targeting the black community! For more info visit instagram: @uhurusolidarity twitter: @uhurusolidarity

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