Art for Reparations: DIY Crystal Wand made by Comet Crowbar

DIY Crystal Wand made by Comet Crowbar.
Pink aluminum knitting needle entwined with thin copper wire and glass crystal beads. Bead colors are light pink, pale purple and metallic purple/ blue/ gold.
Base is a polished stone. Handle is black electrical tape.
Crystals catch the sun in a really beautiful way, you can hang it in your window as a light catcher or use on magic spells!

Crowbar has used her skills as a maker and access to resources at her makerspace job to make this magic wand as a reparations challenge. All proceeds from this sale will go to Black Star Industries, the liberated African economy that is investing in the ability for African people to feed, clothe and house themselves with their own self-determination.

Click HERE to purchase this item and see other hand made items and artwork available for #Reparations!



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