APEDF Presents #BlackPowerBluePrint: This is what African Self-Determination Looks Like

Hosted by the African People’s Education and Defense Fund:

This is What African Self-determination Looks Like!
The African People’s Education and Defense Fund presents:
The Black Power Blueprint.

Live at from Philladelphia,PA; Oakland, CA and St Louis, MO
4pm EST, 3pm CST, 1pm PST on Facebook/BlackPowerBlueprint.

With the rampant gentrification of our cities, and the deep disparities the black community faces in education, health, poverty and daily injustice

— what does it take to make real change?

Get the update on the newest African People’s Education and Defense Fund project, the Black Power Blueprint — the fast moving renovation of abandoned buildings including the new Uhuru House community center, community gardens, economic development programs and housing in St. Louis MO.

Tour two longstanding APEDF economic development institutions the Uhuru Furniture stores in Oakland, CA and Philadelphia, PA and meet the people who make it happen.

Tune in at Facebook.com/BlackPowerBlueprint

Donate at youcaring.com/BlackPowerBlueprint

The Black Power Blueprint is a black-led self-determination project in St. Louis, MO organized by Black Star Industries and the African People’s Education and Defense Fund.

YOU can make a concrete difference TODAY by donating towards the $25,000 needed to renovate the three-story St. Louis Uhuru House, a black community center, event space, rental hall and economic development hub.

On the property across right across the street, we are building the One Africa! One Nation! Marketplace and a community garden.

On Goodfellow Boulevard, in a once thriving neighborhood, we are building the Uhuru Jiko Community Commercial Kitchen, a bakery and café, and the training center for the African Independence Workforce Program.

Your contributions will result in the installment of plumbing, heating, HVAC, finishing the electrical, the interior and other construction needs to open this vibrant community center in the heart of the black community of St. Louis.

The conditions faced by black people in America today demand that we seize the future for our children. The African community in St. Louis, like others around the country, faces poverty, joblessness, poor schools and substandard housing.
We see wealth, opportunity and prosperity on one side of town, contrasted by deep poverty and despair on the other.

The Black Power Blueprint will impact on our city through genuine social and economic rebirth for our community. Empowering our community with sustainable job creation and commerce, attracting and supporting black culture and arts.

Black Star Industries, partnering with the African People’s Education and Defense Fund has created black-community owned and operated institutions for economic development and self-determination for over 35 years.

From Oakland, to Philadelphia, to St. Petersburg, FL, to Huntsville, AL, we have sustained community-funded commercial kitchens, a wellness center, furniture and consignment shops, event spaces and other community based initiatives and programs.

Now we need your support to realize this visionary project in St. Louis, MO.

Donate today at youcaring.com/BlackPowerBlueprint

Follow us on www.facebook.com/BlackPowerBlueprint and help us spread the word!

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