Art for Reparations: The 2018 Uhuru Calendar Organizer!

The 2018 Uhuru Calendar organizer is hot off the press! Made by Comet Crowbar to help keep your ducks in a row. Hang it on your wall or fold it up to bring to your next meeting. And of course includes plenty of lines to document all the Action Items you’ll have throughout the year organizing for African liberation!

8.5 x 11″, photocopied onto white cardstock paper (weight 67 lbs/148g) and made with rubber stamps, collage & drawing. Pages ties with yarn. Various front cover colors; back cover is hand-colored with marker.

Front cover comes in 4 options:

100% of sales go to Black Star Industries, the liberated African economy.  See this item on our Art for Reparations Etsy shop HERE.

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