Solidarity with African People is Victorious in Boston

For the second year now, the city of Boston hosted a powerful Day in Solidarity with African People (DSAP) — the Uhuru Solidarity Movement (USM)’s annual reparations fundraising campaign mandated by the African People’s Socialist Party. Last year’s DSAP in Boston was organized by three USM members, and out of that transformative event grew the Boston branch — the most active and fastest-growing branch in the country. This year, with a strong branch to build the event, USM Boston was able to bring Chairman Omali Yeshitela and Akile Anai of the African People’s Socialist Party (APSP), and Chairwoman Penny Hess and Jesse Nevel of the African People’s Solidarity Committee (APSC) to a room of over 70 mostly North American attendees, and raise over $6,000 in white reparations to the work of Black Star Industries, the liberated African economy of APSP.

USM Boston organizers distributed more than 2500 fliers and hung 200 posters all over the city, using a spreadsheet to keep track of which areas had been postered.  Organizers called and texted over 150 contacts and sent 50 handwritten invitations. The Boston DSAP event was announced on 2 radio shows, we placed a full-page ad in 3 issues of a local newspaper, and organizers created an outreach calendar of local events, making sure that leading up to DSAP, at least one person could go to each event with fliers.  Perhaps the biggest outreach victory was the local chair Halley Murray snagging a spot for us in the annual Honk Parade–a 2-mile march of activists and bands– where we marched with a  banner bearing the words Uhuru Solidarity Movement: White People in Solidarity with Black Power and Reparations to the Black Community as we chanted “Unity Through Reparations!” to thousands of North Americans.

The organized, on-the-ground outreach resulted in a packed house for these incredibly crucial presentations by Uhuru Movement leaders on the serious political times we are in–what the African People’s Socialist Party has called the crisis of imperialism–and, further, the responsibility that white people have to join the Uhuru Solidarity Movement.

Chairwoman Penny Hess described DSAP as a salute to African people, African resistance, and the African brilliance, wealth, and culture which has been violently stolen by white people for six centuries. DSAP is an apology for what we have done and it is a commitment to answer the call of reparations. Chairwoman Hess explained what the theory of African Internationalism, developed by Chairman Omali Yeshitela, means for white people– describing the struggle it took to create the African People’s Solidarity Committee for white people to work under the Party’s leadership and win other white people to the stand of reparations. She referenced the Chairman’s writings to describe how colonialism, not racism, is the problem in our society and cultures and that the genuine anti-colonial stand from white people is reparations to African people. White people cannot claim to be in solidarity with African people if we do not pay and build a movement for reparations to African people as part of African People’s Socialist Party’s strategy to win African liberation and self-determination.

Uhuru Solidarity Movement Chair and Communities United for Reparations and Economic Development (C.U.R.E.D.) Vice-Chair Jesse Nevel reported on the victories of the strategy of  the African People’s Socialist Party to run him for mayor alongside APSP member Akile Anai for District 6 City Council, in the city of St. Petersburg, FL –a city with a white majority– on a platform of reparations to the black community. This campaign, led by Akile Anai, forwarding an explicitly African working-class agenda, won over a thousand votes on a platform of “Unity Through Reparations”.

“Unity Through Reparations” means an end to gentrification, forwards the Party’s campaign of black community control of the police and demands genuine economic development to the African community. Jesse described one highlight of their campaigns–a march of over 200 white people behind the leadership of Akile and the African working-class community chanting for reparations in response to the overt displays of white nationalism in Charlottesville. He called on the North Americans in the audience to be brave, bold, and even louder than white nationalists about our stand in solidarity with Black power. Jesse also addressed USM’s three points of unity– which is what makes USM the only organization in which white people can have a principled relationship with African people — and made a beautiful statement that, for white people, the doorway to the human family is through reparations to African people.

Akile Anai, Chair of the Campaign for Justice for the Three Drowned Black Girls and Chair of C.U.R.E.D saluted Chairman Omali Yeshitela for creating the APSC to carry out one the Party’s strategies to win African liberation and saluted Penny Hess for her unwavering stand as APSC Chairwoman. In Akile’s presentation, she defined the crisis of imperialism as a good thing for African people,  because a foundation of a society built on the rape and genocide of African people is being brought down by the resistance of the oppressed. She explained that with resistance comes responsibility for organization to take advantage of the crisis, and strike the enemy, colonialism and imperialism,  at its weakest points:

“Not only are colonized people rising up, but for 45-plus years the African People’s Socialist Party has provided political organization. Because resistance without organization is anarchy, and organization without the leadership of the African working class is the white left, both to which only aid this system in carrying out the genocide of African people, which is stuffing us in prisons, poisoning our water, drowning our children, or gunning us down in the streets. And the Party has been engaged in crushing anarchy, and crushing the white left with the theory of African Internationalism — and providing not only a vision, but also a physical, tangible foundation for a world free from all forms of oppression.”

That tangible foundation, is Black Star Industries, the Party’s liberated economy by and for the African working class. Anai called on white people to rescue ourselves from the imperialist death hole — abandon the dying social system of colonialism and join the Uhuru Solidarity Movement.

The keynote speaker, APSP Chairman Omali Yeshitela, gave an electrifying overview of the origins of capitalism and the centuries-long European assault on Africa and African people. He shared a profound insight of African Internationalism for white people: that the white workers and white ruling class were born from the same process of the enslavement of African people. He exposed the white left, AKA the “Ku Klux Kommunists”, and their incorrect assumption that white people working under the leadership of Black people is somehow against our interest. In fact, the greatest hindrance in the anti-capitalist struggle has been the stance of white people, who have historically failed to stand in principled solidarity with the real workers of the world — the poor and working-class African and colonized masses.

“Cause white people sit on the damn pedestal of the enslavement of everybody else! You gotta jump off that damn pedestal, and join with the rest of us to overturn white power so that everyone can be free!”

He called on white people to be in genuine solidarity with Black Power and join the Uhuru Solidarity Movement:

“When we say Unity Through Reparations, we’re giving you a reason for that. When we say Solidarity- we’re talking about not ever wanting to be in a situation again, where the Black Revolution is raising its head in a very serious way and it’s possible for this government to isolate that revolution because of the stance or non-stance by white people. You’ve got to get on board, I don’t need any damn charity, I need someone who’s in solidarity with the struggle to overturn these chains that are on me and African people around the world!”

USM Boston Membership Coordinator, KC Mackey, alongside Chair Jesse Nevel, then summed up the point of the event: reparations is the only way white people can join the human family and participate in a bright, positive future built under the leadership of African people. Jesse and KC led the portion of DSAP where everything that the speakers laid out was put into practice: raising reparations from the white community. KC described Black Star Industries, the Party’s dynamic Black community programs of the liberated African economy, such as the Burning Spear, the historic Uhuru Houses, and more, including the tremendous victory of its growth in St. Louis, Missouri, a focus of African resistance, where Mike Brown was gunned down by police in 2014. It is in St. Louis that the Party is building dual contending power, as well as across the country and throughout the world. She and Jesse called on the crowd to become members of the Uhuru Solidarity Movement and make pledges towards the programs that Black Star Industries is building in the hands of the African community. Almost everyone in the room became a sustaining member, the most popular level honoring the African martyr, Malcolm X, at $30 a month.

USM Boston is currently following up with all the new members and supporters by thanking them for their pledges, in addition to inviting all new contacts to the weekly national USM membership orientation, our next local branch meeting, and our next event– a viewing party of the first webinar in a new monthly series by the Committee for Justice for the Three Drowned Black Girls, to continue to publicize the case and raise funds for the campaign to sue the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Department. Overall, the growth of USM Boston and the success of our DSAP 2018 event are proof that the Party’s strategy in creating the APSC. and its mass organization USM, is working, winning, and unstoppable!

Unity Through Reparations!

Join the Uhuru Solidarity Movement Boston!

Build the 2018 Days in Solidarity with African People!

Chairman Omali Yeshitela of the African People’s Socialist Party was the Keynote speaker at the Uhuru Solidarity Movement’s Days in Solidarity with African People speaking tour stop in Boston, Massachusetts. 

Akilé Anai, Chair of the Committee for Justice for the Three Drowned Black Girls and Chair of Communities United for Reparations and Economic Development (C.U.R.E.D.) spoke at the Boston DSAP event. 

Penny Hess, Chairwoman of the African People’s Solidarity Committee, speaking at USM Boston’s 2017 DSAP event.

Jesse Nevel, Chair of the Uhuru Solidarity Movement, was also a featured speaker of Boston’s “Days in Solidarity with African People” event.    

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