14 reasons why I became a monthly sustainer of Uhuru Solidarity Movement

by KC Mackey 

14 reasons why I became a monthly sustainer of Uhuru Solidarity Movement, which turns over a monthly pledge of reparations to Black Star Industries. If you unite with any of these, sign up to today! 

  1. I believe that all white people, including white workers, sit on the pedestal of oppression of Africans and colonized people and owe reparations.
  2. I believe that Africans, indigenous, and other colonized peoples are owed reparations and the return of all their stolen land, culture, and resources.
  3. I unite with the African People’s Socialist Party that reparations to African people, means overturning the entire colonialist economic system built on their backs and therefore must be paid to the anti-colonial economic development of the African Revolution- Black Star Industries. 
  4. I believe that Reparations is not charity which keeps power in hands of white people. It is genuine solidarity which is answering a clear call from Black working class leaders for us to return the stolen resources hoarded in the white community, resources which have been acquired from 600 years of colonial theft, and which belong to African people in the first place. 
  5. I have seen the ways that Black Star Industries pushes back against gentrification, police containment, colonialism and puts power in the hands of African working class people all over the world, and I understand the urgency for this to expand and grow.  
  6. I believe that reparations sincerely comes from a commitment to overturn the relationship we have historically had as white people in which we control the economy. That has been the relationship we have had with African people as part of the colonizer oppressor nation, and it must be overturned. 
  7. I am a socialist and believe workers should control the means of production.
  8. I want power to be in the hands of Black women, including poor and working class Black trans women, and for them to be free and liberated. 
  9.  I want for there to be peace, prosperity, and dignity for Gender and Sexuality Nonconforming African people.
  10. I no longer want to be complicit with the opportunistic White Left that hijacks the struggle of working class Black people to fight for greater access to their stolen resources, or for more white rights while Africans continue to face genocide.
  11. I want to materially support Black Power, which means power to the people and the end of all forms of oppression.
  12. I want an end to rape culture and colonialism.
  13. I want to take responsibility for hundreds of years of lynchings and murder committed in my name. 
  14. I am sick of the genocide inflicted in my name and want to do something material to forward the serious goal of the total liberation of Africans and colonized peoples 

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