Why I Support Unity Through Reparations: USM Member Explains White Responsibility

By Uhuru Solidarity Movement member, Nikki Green
The act of paying reparations, is not an act of personal sacrifice. Even if you are unaware of it, it is in the best interest of EVERY white person to pay reparations to the black and indigenous peoples of this world. If you are to call yourself a human being, then the horrors of colonization must be as disgusting to you as they are to the oppressed. You are an oppressor if you continue to live on land that has been stolen from indigenous people and benefit from economic establishments that were built by enslaved Africans, unless you are in unconditional solidarity with their revolution that is growing everyday. Unfortunately, due to the colonialist system that has manifested in the form of parasitic capitalism, and the formation of the United States, money is representative of power. It is representative of wealth that can be possessed, including food, land, housing, and so many other resources that in large have been stolen from indigenous and African people. Therefore, it is our responsibility and recourse as white people, who stand on the side of a harmonious rather than parasitic relationship with oppressed people, to give material solidarity to Black and indigenous liberation so that they AND WE will no longer be chained to ankle of the oppressor, the colonizer, the rapist, the murderer and the destroyer of nature. Racism will only end when capitalism ends, capitalism will only end when colonialism ends and colonialism will only end with Black and indigenous power and self determination. The alternative is the same old lies of white power in a new wrapper every year. Their revolution can be a revolution for all of humanity if we will simply work together.
Unity through reparations!
Uhuru! ~ Nikki Green
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