Art for Reparations: African Genocide is the Basis for All White Prosperity


Made by Amanda Carlozzi
Digital print of mixed-media collage, 7×8.75″
100% of proceeds go to Black Star Industries, the liberated African economy.

“It was the enslavement of African people and genocide, colonialism and land theft from the majority of humanity that gave birth to capitalism. This is the basis for the rights, prosperity, education and opportunities of all white people including white women.

As white people, our lives rest on the backs of African people, something that colors all our thoughts, ideas, aspirations and goals.

So while there is real oppression of white women under this system, it is oppression on the backs of the colonized and we have always opportunistically sought our solutions at the expense African people, including African women.”

Penny Hess
Chairwoman, African People’s Solidarity Committee

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