Sunday Study with Luwezi Kinshasa of ASI: Democratic Centralism


#OmaliTaughtMe led by Luwezi Kinshasa , Secretary General of the African People's Socialist Party USA. We will be looking at the primary principle of the APSP, #AfricanInternationalism #LuweziTaughtMe #APSP #45YearsAPSP #Uhuru #BlackPower

Posted by Uhuru Asi on Sunday, August 6, 2017

This week’s Sunday Study was presented by Secretary General of the African Socialist International, Luwezi Kinshasa.  SG Luwezi Kinshasa offered a profound and excellent study on the concept of Democratic Centralism, and why it is necessary for our revolutionary movement to be disciplined and organized.

Click HERE if the video doesn’t show for you to view the video from Facebook.

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