Art for Reparations: “Reflections of a Spider” Poetry by Johann Bedingfield

From the new “Art for Reparations” Etsy shop: 
Poetry & prose booklet made by Johann Bedingfield for the Reparations Challenge of the Uhuru Solidarity Movement. 100% of proceeds go to Black Star Industries, the liberated African economy. 

From the author:
“I live in St.Pete FL and have always been drawn to the powerful history of Indigenous and African resistance. My poetry and prose reflect our white brutal colonial legacy with African and Indigenous people. History is not benign; it continues to the present and there are consequences if we choose not to overturn this horrific history. The oppressed have a right to resist and take back what is theirs. Their righteous resistance, with memories of once was, a land and culture intertwined, sacred and in harmony with the natural world, was only to be destroyed by us, alien white colonial settlers. “Reflection of a Spider” captures that resistance and the birth of our own humanity when we take responsibility through reparations. Poems such as “The Great Reckoning” and “The Coming Revolt” captures the essence of our crimes and what me must do to right the wrongs! The twin short stories, “The Black Butterfly” and “Micco and Hatchi” speak of rebirth for oppressed nations, rising with a vengeance for love and country! Reflection of a Spider holds a mirror to us and asks the hard, but necessary question, where do we stand?”

Dimension: paperback, 5.5 x 8″, 40 pages

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