White Women in Solidarity with Black Power

Presentation by Halley Murray during the 2017 Uhuru Solidarity Movement National Convention, April 1-2 in St Petersburg, FL. Topics covered in this talk are the history and opportunism of the (white) feminist movements since the 1800s, how the black power movement relates to and was appropriated by white feminism, and a critique of the modern day (white) Women’s Marches from an anti-colonial and anti-imperialist perspective. White women owe reparations to African people!
This was part of the phenomenal panel of 5 different sectors of white society showing their solidarity with Black power: white disabled, white LGBTQ, white veterans, white Jewish people, and white women.

If you’re a white woman, join the white women’s working group of the Uhuru Solidarity Movement!
Email info@uhurusolidarity.org to get involved.

Join the Uhuru Solidarity Movement to stand in principled, material solidarity with Black Power and African liberation!

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